Signing deadline nears, what's left for White Sox?

The White Sox have locked up most of their top picks from the 2010 draft, but there are still a few noteworthy prospects unsigned. The signing deadline is August 15 and the commissioner’s office is starting to approve above slot deals. Let’s take a look at what Sox fans should keep an eye out for as the deadline nears.

The deadline to sign recently drafted players doesn’t have major implications for the White Sox this year as usual. They have 18 of their first 21 picks signed (see our Draft Tracker).

The highest unsigned pick is 4th rounder Matthew Grimes, who has a commitment to Georgia Tech. If you trust message board sources, a poster on Rivals College Baseball message board claims he has sources (bottom of page) telling him Grimes will be headed to Atlanta. If Grimes doesn’t sign the Sox will not receive a compensation pick for the 2011 draft because only picks in the first three rounds are protected.

The next highest unsigned pick is 9th rounder Josef Terry. Terry attended a junior college this year and has a commitment to powerhouse Cal State Fullerton. Terry has been playing for the Rochester Honkers of the wood bat Northwoods League, arguably the second best summer college league (Cape Cod League being the clear top league). He’s hitting .315/.354/.425.

Thumbnail image for grisetb2.jpg

11th round pick James McDonald has said he will fulfill his Arizona State commitment. A couple late round picks, 36th rounder Ben Griset (pictured) and 40th rounder Conrad Gregor, have some talent and remain unsigned. 38th rounder Brad Salgado (mentioned in the article linked just above) signed and reported to Bristol where has really struggled. Griset says he wants $300,000 to take him away from his St. Mary’s commitment. Gregor has a Vanderbilt commitment and his draft time scouting reports said he was unlikely to sign. Just after the draft he said the typical thinking it over with the parents lines.

Grimes, Terry, Griset and Gregor would all be welcome additions to a White Sox farm system that needs an infusion of talent. With a possible trade coming up at the deadline, there might be even less talent in the minors. The Sox aren’t known for being big spenders, but have had the occasional above-slot draft pick. I’d be shocked if the Sox land more than one of these guys and it wouldn’t surprise me if none of them sign.

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