Petricka, Reed and Ravelo all sign

Baseball America reports that three of the White Sox’ early round draftees, second round pick Jacob Petricka, third round pick Addison Reed and sixth round pick Rangel Ravel have all signed.
Jacob Petricka signs for a reported $540,000 signing bonus. Slot bonus for the 63rd pick is estimated at $576,000-$585,000 (the slot bonuses have not been confirmed, I’m working off of ’08 numbers which I adjusted for the 10% decrease in ’09 and then a slight increase this year), which would make Petricka’s bonus slightly below slot.

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Addison Reed

Addison Reed’s reported signing bonus is $358,200. Slot bonus for the 95th pick is an estimated $306,000-$320,000, making Reed’s bonus slightly above slot. It’s not surprising that Reed signed for above slot (if my predictions are in fact correct), since he was thought of as a possible supplemental 1st round talent, but fell to the third where the White Sox got very good value.

Rangel Ravelo signs for a reported $125,000 bonus, which is right around the slot recommendation for the 188th pick. It’s not surprising to see Ravelo sign quickly. He did have a commitment to FIU, but was believed to be academically ineligible.

Baseball America also reports that Thomas Royse signed for a $263,500 bonus. We were previously aware of his signing, but did not have any signing bonus information for him. Slot bonus for the 113th pick is an estimated $267,300-$275,000.

All of these signings have been added to our draft tracker.


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  • Pat (Indiana): Hey Jim, have you been able to do any estimations on those slot recommendations yet?

    Jim Callis: Not yet. That's usually an early-July project once we have enough signing data. The interesting thing to me is that teams told me the slots were up a little over 2009, yet almost all of the signings have been at or below the 2009 numbers.

  • In reply to JasonGage:

    That's an interesting point. Last years bonuses:
    63- $575,000
    95- $358,000
    114- $600,000 (over-slot obviously, pick 113 signed for $267,300)
    188- Did not sign. The previous 5 picks signed for $125,000.

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