Draft Rumors and Mock Selections, III

It’s draft day and the final rumors and mock drafts are flowing in. I have all the major ones here and will add any more as they continue to be released. This post will be updated throughout the day so make sure you check back often!

Jim Callis has his penultimate mock draft over at Baseball America (link):

13. WHITE SOX. Chicago almost
certainly will take a college pitcher. If the White Sox will venture
over slot–which they don’t often do–they could get nice value in
McGuire. If not, they can choose from Loux, Wimmers, Wojciechowski and
Texas righthander Brandon Workman.

Barret Loux is perhaps the one player that I really don’t want to see the Sox to take at #13. I like Brandon Workman and Alex Wimmers. Deck McGuire would be very good value at #13 and I’m even warming up to Brett Eibner and Asher Wojciechowski.

Keith Law brings us his final complete mock at ESPN. (Link, Insider):

13. Chicago White Sox: Asher
, RHP, The Citadel

Yasmani Grandal is their target, but I don’t think he gets here;
otherwise it’s non-Boras college arms but limited interest in McGuire.

There’s the “limited interest in McGuire” note popping up again. We’ve also been hearing that the Sox like Grandal and have for a while. In the slim chance that he slips, expect the White Sox to grab him.

As is touched on by Frankie Piliere, the Yasmani Grandal deal to the Royals at #4 could have a big impact on Deck McGuire (link):

The player most impacted by Yasmani Grandal going to the Royals is
probably Deck McGuire. Grandal pushes Drew Pomeranz to the Indians, and
Chris Sale to the Diamondbacks.
Arizona was McGuire’s most likely landing spot. But, now with Houston
zoning in on Josh Sale, and San Diego likely going with Choice or Vitek,
it could push McGuire all the way to the the Reds, who would be very
happy to take him. Alex Wimmers and Christian Colon are still under
serious consideration for the Reds as well.

Deck McGuire would be a good pick for the Sox given the alternate options they are reportedly considering. McGuire was thought of as an easy top 6-7 pick at one point, but has been sliding of late, perhaps due to his lack of upside and put-away pitch. He still has a good chance to become a #3 starter though with #2 starter upside.

Both Kevin Goldstein and Keith Law are hearing from their sources that Arkansas 3B Zack Cox is looking for a hefty signing bonus:

Kevin_Goldstein: Multiple sources
have mentions Zach Cox looking for “Alvarez money”, could cause him to

keithlaw: Heard same + major lg deal RT @Kevin_Goldstein
Multiple sources have mentions Zach Cox looking for “Alvarez money”,
could cause him to slip

Zack Cox may be one of the top college bats in this draft class but asking for Pedro Alvarez money ($6m signing bonus) is ridiculous. He is a draft eligible sophomore, so he obviously feels that he has good leverage, but if he thinks he’ll be anywhere near a top 10 pick in next years loaded draft class, then he has a nasty shock coming. He could be in for a drastic fall down draft boards.

Some injury news now as Suffern HS (NY) right hander, and one of my favorite prospects in the draft, Robbie Aviles has gone down with an elbow injury. Tough blow for the kid so close to the draft. Link:

A little further down the road, Robbie Aviles, the high-school
righty in the New York area, has an elbow injury. It was reported on LoHud.com
that he came out of his last start with a sore elbow, had an MRI and
x-rays and was diagnosed with a partial ligament tear. Speaking with a
scout in the area, I’ve been told is indeed a partial tear and flexor
sprain. As of right now, they are not recommending surgery. Aviles could
have gone as high as the supplemental first round or second round.
We’ll have to see if it impacts his stock much. As it’s pointed out in
the LoHud story, teams aren’t too scared off by elbow issues these days
because of the success rate in recovery. Even if he needed Tommy John
surgery, that may not hurt where he goes too much.

John Sickels is next up with his final mock draft (link):

13) White Sox: Brandon Workman, RHP, University of
I had Brett Eibner here last time and I still think that makes a
lot of sense theoretically, but the White Sox are reportedly closer to
wanting Wimmers, Workman, or Barret Loux.

And Frankie Piliere over at MLB Fanhouse (link):

13. White Sox | Bryce Brentz (OF) | Middle
Tennessee State

The White Sox have been linked to a number of young bats and some
college arms, but they may have their sights set on Brentz. Mike
Kvasnicka is also on their short list as is just about every college arm
out there. It’s difficult to see where they are leaning, but Brentz is a
good fit here. Asher Wojciechowski has gotten heavy attention from them
as well.

Jonathan Mayo with more of the same in his last mock draft (link):

13. Chicago White Sox: Asher
, RHP, The Citadel

Looking like a college pitcher. Could be Brandon Workman or even Barret
Loux. Wojciechowski is definitely in the mix.

Patrick Ebert gives us his first mock draft at PerfectGame.com (link):

13.  White Sox – Asher Wojciechowski, RHP, The Citadel: The White Sox are zeroed in on several college arms between Wojciechowski, Brandon Workman, Barret Loux and Alex Wimmers.

Kevin Goldstein sticks with Deck McGuire in his last mock (link):

13. Chicago White Sox: Same
story here as well, as I’ve heard nothing but a slew of college arms. 
McGuire would be a bit of a surprise, as Chicago might opt for something
cheaper like Asher Wojciechowski, Brandon Workman or Barret Loux.

Pick: Deck McGuire, RHP, Georgia Tech

As I said before check back regularly for updates as I’m sure there will be 3-4 more mocks arriving soon plus a flurry of last minute rumors.

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