Draft Rumors and Mock Selections, II

Just a couple of days until the draft now and the rumors/mock draft picks keep flooding in. Here’s the latest batch with more of my thoughts (what more could you want?).
Jon Heyman with a mock over at Sports Illustrated dated 6/2. I’m not a fan of Heyman as a baseball writer, but he clearly has some insider information:

13. Chicago White Sox: Brandon Workman, RHP, University of Texas
Another in a decent crop of college pitchers.

Not the first time we’ve heard Brandon Workman’s name come up, and I suspect it won’t be the last. Heyman is yet another source who is hearing that the Sox are looking at college pitchers.

Jonathan Mayo takes his first shot at the full 32 picks (6/2):

13. Chicago White Sox: Barret Loux, RHP, Texas A&M
A bit of a wild card here, but why not? The White Sox have done it before. It seems they are looking at college pitching and with the options not necessarily separating themselves, they could go off the board a bit to get a guy they like.

If I remember correctly this is the first mock draft that has the White Sox taking Barret Loux, but others (namely Keith Law), have stated that the Sox are interested in Loux. The difference in talent between the likes of Alex Wimmers/Brandon Workman and Barret Loux/Asher Wojciechowski is not huge, but even still, I wouldn’t be a fan of this pick. Loux is a good arm strength guy, but there’s not a lot of polish or upside and he has a history of injuries.

Frankie Piliere brought us some good White Sox gossip in his draft chat on 6/2:

Q: I’ve heard that McGuire’s stock is dropping a bit. Any chances he’s around at 13 for the Chi Sox?
Frankie Piliere: Timely question. I read that as well but checked into it and found out two things. A. If he falls to the White Sox, they would not take McGuire and B. They are certain he will not be around at 13 and still expect him to go top 10. I never like to say I’m “very confident” about draft buzz but I feel very comfortable saying he’ll be gone ahead of Chicago and they wouldn’t take him regardless.

Q: Where does Deck McGuire go? I see him linked to AZ and CHISOX.
Frankie Piliere: Won’t go to the White Sox. If I’m wrong then I’ll eat my words but I feel confident he won’t be going to the White Sox. I think it will be AZ, and I can’t see both Houston and San Diego passing him

Q: I hate the White Sox draft philosophy. Please tell me they are being linked to something other than safe college arms.
Frankie Piliere: Kvasnicka, Brentz are definitely possibilities.

Interesting note that Frankie hears the Sox are not on McGuire. This could mean a few things;
1. The information could be wrong (e.g. the rumored Castellanos interest from the other week) which could be a result of bad sources or misdirection/smokescreen from the organization. Or;
2. It could mean that the White Sox are not interested in any of the safer college arms (i.e. Alex Wimmers). Or;
3. I could be reading too much into one small rumor that could mean nothing. But it’s fun to speculate, right?

Andy Seiler chimes in with his latest mock, which is also dated 6/2:

13. Chicago White Sox – Brandon Workman, RHP, Texas – Workman has climbed up boards over the last month, and he’s a typical White Sox pick. They’re going to have a lot of options between the second-tier college arms, and other choices could include Wimmers, Asher Wojciechowski, Brentz, and perhaps Brett Eibner. There’s no telling which direction they would go, as they’re going to have a lot of options on the table.

There’s Workman’s name again. It’s a pick that I’m warming to. Workman has more potential than many message boarders are giving him credit for and his true upside could be that of a #2 starter with 4 average or better pitches including one wipe-out pitch (the curve) and a fastball that he can dial up to 95 mph. Brentz’ name comes up again as do several other college players. Brentz is tough to get a read on due to the inferior level of competition he’s facing and his poor plate discipline. He has decent upside, but is probably more solid regular than regular All-Star.

Next up is Kevin Goldstein with his first mock draft of the year over at Baseball Prospectus (6/3):

13. Chicago White Sox: The White Sox have been focused on college pitching all spring, and nothing has occurred to knock them off that position. Right-handers like Texas’ Brandon Workman and The Citadel’s Asher Wojciechowski have been in their sights over the past few months, but they probably didn’t imagine Deck McGuire falling to them. The Georgia Tech righty could go much higher, as he’s the safest pitcher in the draft, but he’s anything but an upside guy.
Pick: Deck McGuire, RHP, Georgia Tech

KG has McGuire going to the Sox. He’s now the second person to have Deck falling to the Sox at 13 after Keith Law made the same selection in his last mock. I’d be happy if the Sox were to grab McGuire. As KG states he doesn’t have the highest of upsides, but he does have a solid four pitch mix and a good chance to become a #3 starter with possible #2 starter upside.

John Sickels brings his final mock draft (6/4):

13) White Sox: Brett Eibner, RHP-OF, University of
: Chicago is usually college-oriented in the early rounds, but
they also love tools, athleticism, and arm strength. Eibner has those in
droves. His two-way status is also intriguing for a team willing to
consider conversions.

Brett Eibner’s name has come up often in connection with the Sox and the rationale used here by John is very solid. He does fit the White Sox draft ethos pretty well. Eibner went crazy yesterday during regionals by going 4-5, 2B, 3 HR and throwing more doubt over whether he’s going to be a pitcher or hitter. At the plate he’s a good power hitting prospect who will likely fit in right field. On the mound he has a power fastball that can hit 97 with an above average slider and an average change. I think I prefer Eibner on the mound, but if it doesn’t work, you always have the backup plan of making him a hitter. Eibner does want to hit, but I’m sure $1.8m would be enough to convince him to pitch.

Keith Law’s third mock draft sees the White Sox passing on Deck McGuire, who he has slotted at 14 (6/4):

13. Chicago White Sox: Asher Wojciechowski, RHP, The Citadel

One non-college pitcher possibility: Nick Castellanos, who is also in
play at No. 14 and several spots beyond that.

We’ve seen Wojciechowski’s name come up many times before (so many times that I no longer need to check in order to spell it correctly), but it’s the reappearance of Nick Castellanos’ name that is the real interesting note. This Sox system desperately needs a top tier power prospect or two and Castellanos certainly fits that billing. Starters with #3 upside can be found more easily later on in the draft.

Jim Callis with his 3rd mock draft also on 6/4:

13. WHITE SOX. Chicago wants a
college pitcher and may get a nice surprise in McGuire, who projected to
go in the top 10 for most of the spring. If he doesn’t drop to No. 13,
righthanders Brandon Workman (Texas), Asher Wojciechowski (The Citadel)
and Wimmers would be in play.

Deck McGuire seems to really be tumbling as of late. Keith Law recently stated that the Cincinnati Reds are on McGuire at #12 which could allow Yasmani Grandal to slide to the Sox at #13. Grandal reportedly has a “Buster Posey type” asking price for his bonus demand, which would mean something in the $6m range (Posey signed for a $6.2m bonus is 2008). You would assume that this is too high a demand for the Sox, but there has reportedly been interest.

Still on the subject of Yasmani Grandal, while there has been reported interest from the Sox, it would appear that Grandal has a pre-draft agreement in place with the Kansas City Royals at the #4 pick. The news was first reported by Frankie Piliere at MLB FanHouse:

According to multiple industry sources, the Kansas City Royals have
an agreement in place with University of Miami catcher Yasmani Grandal
and will take him with the fourth overall pick in the first round on

This move would only increase the chances of someone like Deck McGuire falling to the Sox.

And finally, David Rawnsley’s second mock draft over at Perfect Game 6/3:

Asher Wojciechowski, rhp, The Citadel
I had Workman slotted here the first time and would still be comfortable
with that, but the more I hear about Wojciechowski (and the more I look
forward to commissioner Bud Selig trying to pronounce his name Monday),
the more I like him. Wimmers or power-hitting outfielder Bryce Brentz
could also come into play for this college-oriented scouting staff.

I’ll probably have one more of these draft link dumps on Monday in the hours leading up to the draft, which starts at 7 p.m. ET, and will air on the MLB Network. We’ll be covering the draft on Twitter (follow us here) with write-ups for the Sox’ top draft picks right here on FutureSox.com.


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  • I'm feeling like it'll be Wojo.

  • In reply to Heads22:

    It seems like there's a strong chance of it being Wojo (Wojciechowski). If I'm making a prediction then I'm probably going with Brandon Workman.

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