About the Fru-Girl!

I'm Stephanie, your local north-sider Chicagoan with advice on everything frugal!  I enjoy living joyfully without excessive spending and sharing my 'saving money' advice & practices with others.  I am a Christian and love music-making, cooking, traveling the world and of course, blogging!  :-) I have a lovely husband and three cats that make it frequently into posts.

Why be frugal?  

You can choose the road of frugal living for any number of reasons.  Many of my frugal friends have future financial goals they are saving for (down payments, paying off debts, wedding, etc).  Some people are deep in debt and drastically need to change their spending ways.  Others are living on a fixed income and need to budget to stay above debt from month to month.  Also, Frugal living can also be very eco-friendly (recycling, re-using) and healthy as well (if you cook at home).  Anyway, whatever your reason, please enjoy my blog!  And thank you for dropping by!  I always welcome learning about new money-saving start-ups, products, opportunities, events and more!  If you have any questions/comments or would like to contact me to speak to your group or organization please email me.