Aldi - a great place for cheap groceries!

Aldi Stores have been popping up all over Chicago lately since the Great Recession (2008 – ?).  But while Aldi is new to the mainstream, until recently the only Aldi I had ever heard of was on the outskirts of Coshocton, Ohio. My Grandmother and I would go shopping there when I stayed at her home, and sometimes there would be an Amish buggy with horses parked outside of the store. The local Amish population only shopped at Aldi and took advantage of the simple no-frills grocery store with low prices. My Granny says that they still continue to shop there to today! They are smart shoppers!

While there are no horses parked outside of my store in Evanston, there are still great prices on locally produced goods. Aldi has become my go-to place for dairy products. They stock Wisconsin Dairy products, “Happy Farms” for the lowest consistent prices. Milk isunder $3, Butter is on sale this week for $1.99, sour cream is $1.20 and blocks of cheese are $1.89. There’s a host of holiday seasonal foods just in time for Christmas parties on sale now, including wines for $2.97 and cocktail sausages for $2.49! Check out the specials here and go stock up!
And while you can save a lot with coupons at Jewel and Dominick’s…Aldi’s products are store brand. This is a great relief to me, because I know I’m already saving without clipping coupons and relying on what the marketing wizards of the food business are telling me to buy! Also, their layout in stores is simple, no fancy marketing, just food on shelves with small signs overhead telling you the prices. Aldi also has a shopping app for smart phones, and it’s free! i doesn’t do coupons, because 90% of their products are store brand.


  1. BYOB – Bring your own reusable bags, because after checkout, they don’t provide free bags. You can use their cardboard boxes to carry your groceries out, but I find reusable bags easier to manage.
  2. Bring a Quarter – (If you forget a quarter, ask the cashier for change for a dollar) This is your ‘rent a cart’ quarter. You get it back when you return your cart. (It’s amazing that it only takes a quarter to contain carts in the parking lot!)
  3. Bring cash or a debit card to pay. (No credit cards used here)

Find a local Aldi near you and start saving on your grocery bill!

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