Get a new job, Part 1

Part 1 – Start Thinking About it…

Many folks have financial issues because their current position can’t cover all their financial needs.  There are too ways to solve this issue:

  1. Stop spending beyond your means (America, cough, cough) OR
  2. Get a bigger paycheck and get yourself a promotion!

“It’s a rough economy” and “raise freezes” are common phrases these days.  But, it doesn’t hurt to try…who knows, you might end up with a new office and paycheck or at least, new skills to add to your resume.

So go ahead and brush the dust off your ole’ trusty resume and start thinking about your next promotion.

  1. Take small steps and open a word document and jot down work experiences, accomplishments and awards when you think of them.  If you do it all at once it can be overwhelming.
  2. See help from someone who knows how to build a good resume.  Maybe a family member or friend of yours is in HR or recruiting and knows what stands out from a stack of 300 resumes.  Ask them for some free help to look it over and make suggestions.
  3. Seek some resume advice from your alma mater.
  4. Write down specifically what you’re looking for in a new position.  Salary, benefits, hours, commute, perks, location, etc.
  5. Talk about it – this is also called networking.  Talk to friends about what you’re looking for, and maybe someone you know can help you find your next job.
  6. Talk to your supervisor about taking on new roles and responsibilities in a larger role at your current company.


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