Get Crazy With 'QRazy Panda'!

Get Crazy With 'QRazy Panda'!

Who doesn’t like partying?  Who doesn’t like Pandas??  Combine the two adding in philanthropy and crazy deals or “partying with a purpose” and you have a winning combination!

QRazy Panda is a new collective buying website starting up in Chicago that’s fun, interactive and gets you deals to go to party while also giving back to selected charities.  What’s more, is that, when you buy into the deals, you could end up partying with a PANDA!  AWESOME!  The “QR” makes reference to QR codes, those with smart-phones can download QR reader aps and those without can use a printout coupon.
You know those QR codes you are starting to see everywhere?  Well, they function with smart phones and you are going to see them more and more.  Qrazy Panda uses these as ‘electronic tickets’.

Work Hard, Play Hard, Give Hard

The founder and CEO of QRazy Panda, Sal knows firsthand that you can work hard, play hard and give hard.  Salvador Serrano is a start-up guru and graduate student with big ideas, a start-up, growing non-profit and also working towards a Master’s degree at DePaul.  He runs Hummbaby a non-profit for Haiti and started QRazy Panda, a collective buying website that allows people to get sweet deals for going out and partying via QR code coupons (or printouts if you don’t have a smart phone).  Not only do you get sweet partying deals, but a portion of each sale goes to a local charity!

It’s not Groupon

It’s Groupon-like, but the service element is different.  Once you go to the bar to redeem your deal, you’ll be greeted by a QRazy Panda party representative to scan in your QR code or coupon.  They are happy to help with anything and also take your on-site feedback/advice.  An upcoming deal at Jack’s Bar + Grill on August 13th includes a Cornhole Tournament + drinks with 64 teams of 2 – march madness style with crazy prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place and best costumes!  Go visit QRazy Panda to check it out!

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