Dress Like A Celebrity for 40-60% Less!

Dress Like A Celebrity for 40-60% Less!

Are you addicted to Fashion?

Do you ever see a celebrity in the tabloids wearing something that you want really really bad, but then find out that it will cost a fortune?  Well, now you can nab current celebrity fashions for 40-60% off retail prices!  How?  Log onto youCeleb and find real, current celebrity-driven fashion for a collective discount!  I got the chance to speak with Amit Dharmani the founder and CEO of youCeleb, located in Miami last week and found out about the details of finding celebrity fashion for less!

What is YouCeleb?

It is a site that features 1-2 weekly celebrity-driven exclusive fashion deals with a portion of sales going to the Celebrity’s charity of choice!

Where did this idea come from??

Amit had the idea for youCeleb when he saw Kobe Bryant wearing some sweet sunglasses from ESPN photo.  He spent a lot of time tracking the exact item down and eventually found the item for $300.  He took note of how celebrities drive current fashions and started coding and developing the idea for youCeleb in February of 2011, launching with it’s first deal in May 2011, working with Nikki Hilton’s Spike bangles.  I also spotted this bangle on Ashley (the Bachelorette on the 6/27/11 episode as she was talking to Bentley!)

Upcoming Celebrity deals…Amit was really excited about upcoming deals collaborating with Kourtney Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan.  He said youCeleb is dedicated to bringing current trends that celebrities are wearing right now, so this summer they are focusing on hot summer fashion!  Since it is current and collaborating with the designer/brand, there are limited quantities, so as a youCeleb customer, if you see it and love it – get it right away!  A recent deal that was super hot was the Ray Ban sunglasses for only $66 – normally $120!

How does it work?

YouCeleb works with all the main Paparazzi houses and contacts the designer or company after an item has been selected to work out exclusive deals with youCeleb.  Then the celebrity is contacted to see what charity they would like to see receive a portion of the sales.

Why is youCeleb frugal?

40-60% sales!!!  Deals, bargains and steals for exclusive current fashion!  The value of looking like a millionaire celebrity for just a fraction of retail is huge!  Shipping is low-cost and very reliable, it’s only $3-6 for shipping.

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