Fun and Frugal - TopGolf!

What is TopGolf you ask?  It’s a driving range experience set up with a twist located in Wood Dale, IL!  It has a fun atmosphere, delicious food, lots to do and affordable prices!  If you were baffled on what to do for your Dad this Father’s Day, you can make up for it and take Dad to TopGolf!
I had the opportunity to go check out Chicago’s TopGolf last week and not being a golfer, I was surprised how much fun I had at a “golf” facility.  We tried the food and it was delicious, the coconut shrimp skewers were VERY tasty!  Also, being a “fru-girl” I noticed that they had weekly food and golf deals!  
If you follow on Twitter and Facebook – you can see their social media deals.  There are many deals also located on their website under the tab devoted and titled DEALS.  

Strawberry Sangria and Bruschetta! Yum!

Are you more of an advanced golfer?  This range has LCD chips in each ball and can tell you what precise distance you are hitting each drive!  Also, for accuracy practice, you can aim for the driving range targets (scattered throughout the range) and the your golf ball’s proximity to the center of the target will tell you how accurate of a golfer you are!  
Even kids with beginner swings (or novice golfers like me!) can play and enjoy themselves!  There are easier targets closer to each bay that you can aim for and actually feel accomplished when you get your ball in the target!  
If you like Mini-Golf or have kids, it’s only $3 for everyday play on the Mini-Golf Course!  
A new VIP section with flat screens and posh seating makes you feel like a high roller!  I can imagine sitting in a bay driving some golf balls and watching the Bears this fall!  Yeah – TopGolf is year-round and has climate control to make you feel comfortable in all four seasons, or as we like to call it in Chicago, 7 months of winter and Construction season.  This would be the PERFECT spot for Dad’s B-day party, an anniversary party, to meet up with your friends, party place for your family or even a girl’s night out!  (They have excellent Strawberry Sangria!! – see above!)  254134_834335612605_2402082_40752421_2546778_n.jpg


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