You Have The Power 2 Switch From ComEd!

You Have The Power 2 Switch From ComEd!

Did you know that you don’t have to use ComEd?  That’s right….you have a choice!  

In order to get you that extra $300/month to put in your savings to become a millionaire, why not start by saving money on your electric bill?  Check out Power2Switch!  I chatted with the founder, Seyi Fabode last week and he told me all about his passion….saving people money!  

Saving money and going green? Both are possible with Power2Switch!!

Seyi was inspired to start Power2Switch when he worked for a power generation plant in London where most of the clients were large businesses.  He noticed that few paid attention to small businesses or residential customers, so while getting his MBA from Booth School of Business; he started looking to bring choices to those groups.  Not only would this be an opportunity to save money, it would also be an opportunity to engage in alternate energy than ComEd.  See (in honor of Earth Week) you can also go GREEN in addition to saving your green – Power2Switch offers alternate energy options, like renewable energy from local wind farms!  How cool is that!
In 2010, the site Power2Switch was launched and it began offering residential electric customers powerful options in 2011.  Currently only 0.03% of Illinois residents have switched or even know the fact that you can ditch ComEd and switch over to a number of either cheaper or greener providers….the website Power2Switch breaks it all down easy for you – and if you have questions about switching, just call and ask and they’ll walk you through the process.  It’s a small operation for now, focusing on providing quality service to customers in Illinois, but as the word gets around about saving thousands of dollars, others will start catching on and switching!  
Seyi, as I mentioned before, is like me and is very passionate about helping others save money.  His favorite moments with Power2Switch are getting emails of positive feedback of big savings!  
Seyi mentioned in addition to switching to save money, there are other simple ways to save…
  1. Turn off the lights when you aren’t using them.
  2. Never sleep with the lights on – it’s a huge waste (of $ and electricity)
  3. Kill the Vampires!  (Vampire plugs that is!)  Energy Vampires are appliances that use energy even while they’re not on, see…they are dead but still suck energy,…hence, they are vampires – anyway, Seyi mentioned you can replace regular plugs with special anti-vampire plugs.  These are great for TVs, computers and they monitor how long appliances have been on and turn them off when unused – saving you money on your electric bill!  You can find these online or at Home/Hardware stores.  
  4. Ask your landlord for energy-efficient appliances, like “Energy-Star Rated”.  In the long run, they will save you both money!  It’s a win-win!  
The best thing about saving energy is, not only is it good for your budget, it’s good for the Earth too!  Happy Earth Week!  Now, go switch your energy provider!!! 


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  • Does he offer all electric home discount? We need that in condos.

  • In reply to jack:

    Hi Jack, none of the suppliers we work with currently offer all-electric home discounts. I'll reach out to you once these types of discounts become available. Thanks!

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