OMG - Gas Prices are INSANE!

OMG - Gas Prices are INSANE!

Okay my title pretty much sums it up!  What is the deal with the price at the pump?  

While I sadly don’t have any secret tips for discounts or coupons on gas….I can offer other savings advice.  I’ve heard a rumor that if you pay cash sometimes you can get a 10% discount at certain stations.  Also at BP if you buy a snack from their shop, you get 5 cents off per gallon – but I don’t see too much of a point in that unless you’re filling up an armored car or something.  Here’s some real savings advice…

My sister who is versed in smart phones tells me there’s an ap to find the cheapest gas around. Look it up smart phone users!  
Don’t drive if you don’t have to!  It’s spring time and it’s the perfect time to bike!  From Evanston even at my slow speed I can make it downtown to Navy Pier in 45-50 minutes!

That’s pretty much just 10 minutes more than it would take in traffic!  Northwestern University has an annual used bike sale where you can nab a good bike for like $20!  It’s a great deal – also there are many bike deals to be found on Craigslist especially in June/May when college students are getting rid of things/moving out.

This week for me has been almost a car-free week and I’ve self-declared it the spring and summer of BIKING!  As long as it’s not storming, I can get almost anywhere I need to go in the city on my trusty bike!  Oh yeah, and don’t forget to wear your helmet!!!

Buy your 10 RIDE Metra for an extra discount per ride.  Bonus:  Pretend like your asleep for a free ride!  JK!  (But it may have happened once – there’s no way to know for sure!)
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