Give Blood for a Cheap Date!

Give Blood for a Cheap Date!

Okay – this title sounds creepy, but stay with me!  So this Saturday is a BLOOD DRIVE for LifeSouce in Evanston at Century Theaters.  While I’ve always been VERY afraid of giving blood, my husband encouraged me last year to overcome my fears for the benefit of others.  So, I gave blood, helped save a life, got over my fear and was rewarded with a $10 voucher for Century Movies!  

So here’s my super cheap date idea in Evanston…(Note:  I wouldn’t recommend this as a ‘first date’- it could lead to some awkward situations/conversations…)
  • Start off the night/afternoon with a romantic trip to…..give blood with LifeSource  (Get $10 Gift-card)  The Blood Drive begins at 1 PM and goes until 7:30 PM.  
  • Then, grab some cheap eats at Little Mexican Cafe around the corner (order off the A La Carte Menu for $4-6 or grab a slice of amazing all-handmade pizza at Gigio’s Pizzeria for about $2.50 for a big slice!) 
  • Next stop, World Market for Movie Snacks!!  Be sure to join the World Market Explorers Program!  (This gets you discounts and coupons!  Use the current printout $10 off $30 purchase coupon if you’re stocking up!)
  • Then, head back to Century Theaters to see your feature and pay with your gift-card from donating blood!  (Don’t forget your Student I.D, for an extra discount!!!)  
Total cost:  Donating Blood, $15 for dinner, $5 snacks  = about $20 or less for an excellent date while doing something good for the world by donating blood! 


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  • Great post! And great idea. I used to regularly give blood just because it felt good to be helping a good cause, but stopped when I started running/exercising more regularly thinking I couldn't spare the blood loss. I think this will help get back into the mindset of giving again. Thanks!!

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