Travel Deals: Airspace Lounge

Here’s a new concept launching at BWI Airport this May, AIRSPACE LOUNGE….just heard of it through CheapOair (another great resource for budget-conscious travelers!)  I hope they open one soon at Midway!  ๐Ÿ™‚

Airspace Lounge is a post-security space apart from the concourse where our customers can relax, use wi-fi internet, enjoy complimentary food and beverage offerings and just chill out before their flight.  I mean, really, airports are stressful enough!  Thank goodness someone is offering an alternative from cattle-prod travel – we’re scanned, we’re stripped, we’re searched….it’s all a bit ridiculous.  So, I really like the idea of relaxing, paying a “day-pass” fee and getting everything included.  (even meals!)  Adults can bring in kids under two years old for free….and the fee gets higher as the lounge gets crowded to deter from over-crowding.  I like this idea!  Kudos to Airspace Lounge!  
This is what I am all about….freebies!!  (list was taken from their website)
Besides the ability to wait for your flight in our comfortable lounge, you will also be entitled to our:
Food and Beverage Offering
o A hearty complimentary food offering; typically a sandwich during the afternoon and evening and a selection of breakfast items in the morning
o Complimentary snacks are offered throughout the day
o Complimentary coffee and Tea
o Complimentary soft drinks
o Access to a full bar where spirits, beer and wines are available for a fee
o Complimentary wireless internet
o Complimentary access to our on-site PCs and Macs
o An electric outlet at every seat, including the bar
o Color printing on-site for a nominal fee
Other than our beautifully designed space, you can also take advantage of our:
o In-lounge restrooms
o Comfortable seating
o Full bar seating
o A workspace area dedicated to those that need to catch up on business

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