Are you ready for the Snowpocalypse?

Are you ready for the Snowpocalypse?

Part of being frugal, is being prepared and according to Amy Freeze on Fox Chicago and the Weather Channel we’re going to be getting 12-20 inches of snow in Chicago!  

So get ready for the Blizzard of 2011!!!  

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Here’s what’s in my Snowpocalypse Kit….(I put it together over lunch hour today)

  • Card Games – deck of cards, Monopoly Deal (got it free with a coupon fyi!)
  • LED Flashlights – Big and small sizes (we also like the hands-free headlamps!)
  • MAG Light, for fending off the Abominable Snowman and also finding stuff if the power goes out. Also comes in handy for telling ghost stories!  
  • Non-Cooking Food – Bananas, Tangerines, Oranges, Mangoes, Pecans, Whole Grain Chips, why not be healthy during a blizzard?
  • Board Games!!!  There may be no power…so we have Settlers of Catan (with 2 expansion packs)  That should keep us busy…it is seriously a great game!!! (oh and we bought it all 50% off retail!)  
  • Water – fill up your Brita Pitcher and get some bottled water.  
  • Candles and reliable Matches/lighter
  • LED Tea Lights
  • LONG Extension Cord (for apartment-dwellers sometimes you get partial power outages and need to be able to plug in if somewhere in your building still has power).  
  • Radio
  • Batteries of various varieties
  • YakTrax – makes walking outside in the snow a breeze!
  • Underwater Camera – because you don’t know how deep the snow will get….(also comes in handy for ‘playing in the snow’ pictures!)
  • Nail File, just because I detest not knowing where a good nail file is when I need one!  
  • A good book or two – “Unbroken” and The Bible are my choices. I highly recommend both!  
  • Warm Blankets (Sleeping Bags?) I don’t know how bad it’s gonna get but we have camping gear that’s good to -20 below so, that should be sufficient, right??
  • Needed medications – gather them up so they are easy to locate.  
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TO DO before the storm hits: 
  • Gather you your Snowpocalypse kit & supplies together before the storm.  
  • Charge your cell phones + Ipads, laptops, etc.
  • Clean up your house, you don’t want to be stumbling over things if the power goes out
  • Fill up bottles of water, you don’t need to go out and buy bottled water, just fill up a couple pitchers in your house.  
  • Get some foods that don’t require cooking and that aren’t fridge dependent….bananas, fruits, granola, etc. (If the power does go out you want to keep the fridge cold by limiting the opening of the Freezer/Fridge doors)
  • Clean the Litter-boxes – you don’t want to do that in the dark if the power goes out.  
  • Update your Facebook status to “OMG Snowpocalypse!!!!”
  • Cancel your plans because you do not want to be driving in this kinda weather!  
The crazy sunrise this morning…
I knew we would be in for the real deal when I saw this morning’s sunrise and remembered my Granny’s saying, “Red at night, sailor’s delight….Red in the morning, sailor’s warning!”  And do you see this sunrise???!!!  RED!!!  Brace yourselves Chicago – here comes the snow!!!!
Snowpacolypse 2011 002.JPG


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  • Good luck in the Snowpocalypse! Looks like we more in for an Icepocalypse here in Columbus. We're praying for power to remain up.

  • Big disasters, little disasters, oh my. Even a minor snow-in can be frustrating if you don't prepare for it - the "snowpocalypse" kit is a great, low-key approach.

    A couple of non-profit sites for other ideas are:
    1. - look in their "emergency preparedness" section
    2. - a Federal Govt site
    3. - a public service site from San Fran Cisco.


  • In reply to tmedina01:

    Thanks for the links Trevor

  • It's starting now...

  • Here's a question....will the groundhog see his shadow tomorrow??? Or will he even be able to climb out of his burrow???

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