Sweet solution for your holiday treat overload!

Holy holiday sweets overload!!!!  

Okay, so everyone you know gave you cookies for Christmas…and while you’d like to eat them all in the next couple weeks, it’s not advisable to do so unless you’re looking to pack on an extra 12 pounds!  
So, are you going to throw them out?  All those people spent time + love baking you those cookies,…plus, they’re delicious!  I suggest rationing them out and freezing the rest!  Did you know that cookies and baked goods freeze marvelously!  (especially breads and cakes!)  
Get some freezer bags and label what everything is with the date you are freezing it (I advise using a sharpie marker) and voila; now you have sweets for the rest of winter – no baking required!  Just thaw and enjoy!  
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