Save money with coupons - like a pro!

Save money with coupons - like a pro!
When sales and coupons are combined, they render the perfect storm of the best savings and give you that “rush” happy feeling of saving money!  Those who enjoy being frugal and cheap like me know what I’m talking about.
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Match-ups” are when you combined a SALE + COUPON = MATCH UPS!
Steps to save money with Match-ups: (For Large grocery & Drug Stores)
) Register your Preferred Cards or “Jewel” card HERE:
Type in your card number to receive specialized Jewel Catalina Coupons!
(You can register your Walgreens, CVS, Dominicks, anywhere that offers a preferred card).
2) Find your coupons on websites and print 2 times per computer by clicking the back button.

Sources for Coupons:
3) Look at the Weekly store ads (online or mailers) and match the coupons to the sales! (And always scan your preferred card!)  
4) Or better yet, get someone to do the Match-up work for you!  If you’re a Chicagoan, rely on the wonderful and thorough, Mashup Mom who gives daily deals and weekly Match-ups for Jewel, Meijer, Dominicks and the Chicagoland drug stores.  I also frequent Kristin’s Blog for deals; Couponing to Disney for great Match ups and even freebies!
By using this “Match-Up” system, I save tons of $$$ and regularly get free groceries, shampoo, make-up, cat food, DVDs, Blu-rays and more!  Enjoy the savings!!!


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  • A lot of grocery stores are no longer taking internet coupons, because of scams. Too many people have stolen money from stores by printing up fake coupons. Unfortunately, you don't find this out until you're at the cashier unless you remember to ask upfront.

    Do any stores in the Chicagoland area do double coupon value days anymore?

  • In reply to ResuMAYDAY:

    Thanks for bringing this up...I will address both issues in an upcoming post! :) Thanks for the readership!

  • Thank you carlajrusso...I'll check out Prinapons!

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