Consumer feedback freebies!

Companies thrive on consumer feedback…and that’s why many large companies will send you full-size freebies in return for your promised feedback!  Here’s a few of the big groups to get you all started with getting freebies:  
Vocal Point – receive free retail sized sample products in return for feedback!
Kraft First Taste – Apply to host parties featuring Kraft foods, and get free Kraft retail size sample products in return for feedback!
Right at Home – get “free” coupons for SC Johnson products and samples in the mail.
BzzzAgent – It’s based on the concept of simple word of mouth advertising, creating a ‘buzz’,…this one is great for bloggers, facebook/tweet-addicts and people who talk a lot and recommend things to their friends. Here, you sign up for “campaigns” and get free packets of freebies to give away to friends and use! (Past campaigns I’ve participated in: Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste, Boston Market Catering, Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, and more!) 
Start Sampling – sign up for free samples and coupons!  Pretty simple!
Pine Cone Research – they look for sample groups of certain age/race/gender and pay $3/survey plus you get to keep the free item! The links to join are elusive and hard to come by, but are promoted from time to time.
Walmart Samples – freebies from Walmart brands.  Sign up and receive freebies in your mailbox.  
Try them out, join a few or all and enjoy the new free samples coming to you through your mailbox!  Just this week from Vocal Point I received free coupons for new Barilla pasta, new Blue Painters Tape and free Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste,…now all I have to do is tell them my honest opinions.  It’s a pretty sweet deal, isn’t it?  So sign up already!  đŸ™‚  

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