Are You A Squeaky Wheel? It May Pay...

Are You A Squeaky Wheel?  It May Pay...
I am usually not shy about my feelings about products…(a great quality I learned/inherited from my mom!)…and taking action on how I feel about a certain product makes me an empowered consumer! You can become one too! Usually all it takes is either an email account and a few minutes of time to write your feelings down in an email. If I feel a product has been sub-par, I contact the company, usually the responsible companies will respond quickly, offer advice and coupons. I am glad they are taking care of their customers, and they are more than happy to turn a dissatisfied customer back into a happy one! Also companies love to hear your happy feedback as well and fellow frugal bloggers who have been writing their praise to companies have been rewarded with coupons, free products and in extreme cases, even a complimentary $200 wet suit!
Also frugal blogger Mash Up Mom is currently conducting an awesome experiement on what becomes of her complaints and compliments, called 4 a Day! She systematically contacts four companies each day (through February) and blogs about the company’s response to her complaint or compliment! It’s truly a lesson in how companies deal with your valued feedback after you tel them how you feel! As you can see from her blog, she is usually rewarded with freebies here that have come from simple customer communication!
Her inspiration was frugal blogger Couponing to Disney, where she takes her family on a full-scale Disney vacation each year from her coupon savings! What a great concept and savings goal! She started contacting comapnies, 5 a Day, and recived some wonderful items for her feedback.
This year, for my communication with companies through emails, usually complaining about their products, I have recieved free McDonalds Latte Vouchers, coupons for free grocery items, free samples and more! What a great reward for telling them how you feel!
This week, I wrote Starbucks, after a week of complaining to my co-workers that my lattes were too short, (like my co-workers can do anything about it!) so, I took my complaint to the company in the form of a their “contact us”submitted online form, and we’ll see what happens. I’ll let you know!!
Companies I contacted this week: I’ll keep you updated with my results!
1. Starbucks – short lattes at my location
2. Sargento – complaining about the taste of a shredded cheese product
3. Kraft – asking if they have recently changed their Sharp Cheddar product
4. Steak and Shake – complimenting their Steak Burgers….mmmm!
5. Pringles – complimenting their fat free Pringles.
6. Pepsi – asking them to keep Pepsi Throwback for an extended time!
7. Alouette – because I looooove Alouette!!!
8. Cuties Clementines – because they are so amazing!
9. Fiji Water – because they inspired our honeymoon!
10. Chaquita – complimented
11. Bath & Body Works – complimented their Wall Flowers
12. Mrs. T’s Pierogies – complimented
13. Neutrogena – complimented their Acne Stress Control Scrub
14. Avocados from Mexico – I love Rick Bayless! Avocados from Mexico are one of his show’s sponsors.
15. Wholly Gucamole – “Mash-up Mom” inspired 14 & 15
16. Dutch Farms – We LOVE their local and high quality products!!!
17. Jelly Belly – My husband loves their Sport Beans! And I love all their products! My favorites are Buttered Popcorn or Toasted Marshmallow!!
18. Swan’s Down Cake Flour – the ONLY cake flour I use!!!
19. Coffee-mate – because the pumps on the creamer container clogged up! Noooo!
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Is Angel yawning or complaining?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell!
Oh yeah and GO BEARS!!!


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  • I like your "4 a day " plan. I think I will try out the 4 a week to get started. Your mom should be quite proud of you! Great list!

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