10 Free ways to Relax...

10 Free ways to Relax...
Relaxing is an important part of life. Period. Stress affects your health, so counteract it by fitting in some time to relax…to truly relax. Take a deep breath in,……..slowly exhale….good! We’re onto something now!  
So, even if it’s just for 15 minutes…let go of whatever you are spending time worrying and thinking about, work, school, car, family, health, kids, spouse, cat, dog, jobs, interviews…..it will all still be there waiting for you later, so just for now, take some time for you.
1) Take a nap (set the timer for 15-20 minutes and visit dreamland!) Zzz……
2) Visit RainyMood for a relaxing thunderstorm soundtrack. Sit back in your chair and think happy thoughts. (I am playing the 30 minute soundtrack while I’m blogging….sigh! so relaxing!)
3) Pray. Just get on your knees and pray. Let Him know you’re still around, after all, it’s great to know He’s there and already knows what you’re going to say.
4) Yoga….there’s yoga free everywhere,….free online classes and free within your community. Take a moment to look online for places near you that offer free classes. And don’t miss Free Yoga Day USA next year….look up a free yoga studio near you! DIY Yoga….do a free online yoga class at home. Many free yoga classes are found not surprisingly on YouTube. Also you can rent a Yoga videos free or cheaply from your Library.
Free Yoga in Evanston and Chicago:
  • Free classes taught by advanced students: Evanston’s Global Family Yoga
  • Frugal Bikram Yoga for 31 days only $29.00 (available in Lincoln Park and Wicker Park). Evanston also has a Bikram Studio that costs $75/for first month unlimited and then $99/month after that (Bikram Yoga Evanston). 
  • Pick up a free 3 day pass for LA Fitness or other “box” gyms and take advantage of their free yoga and pilates classes. 
  • Lululemon retail locations offer free Yoga classes (on Saturdays 9AM-10AM in Evanston)…look up your location to take advantage of their free yoga classes. You can bring your own mat or borrow one there. 
  • Yoga from the Beginning’ offers you one free class – and many other classes free throughout the month as well. It’s located at the Mystical Science Institute on Ashland Avenue in Evanston.
5) Take a walk or jog outside. There’s very little that endorphins and fresh air can’t solve!
6) This one is simple, drink a glass of water. Dehydration causes much physical stress that we don’t consider throughout the day.
7) Animal Therapy!  Spend some quality time with your favorite furry friend.  Stoking a cat or dog has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.  Little Layla (our Ragdoll cat) is a great therapist she and I volunteer with seniors in Evanston!  She curls up on anyone’s lap and purrs while they get to spend some time with an adorable and friendly cat!

Layla our adorable Ragdoll!  Isn’t she cute??

8) Sing!  Singing reduces stress! Just turn on your favorite songs to sing along with or if you want to be more adventurous, sign up for voice lessons. I know other voice teachers who do this as well, but personally as a voice teacher, I would definitely teach a free first lesson if asked!
9) Stream relaxing music for free….whether it be Enya or Brahms or Baroque selections, you can create your own free play list on Playlist.com (thanks Kristine!) or create your own free radio station at Pandora.com.
10) Watch a picture slide show. Sit back in your computer chair and gaze at the slide show of the best photos on Flickr from the past 7 days.  Or if you need a good laugh, look at some “Adorable Animal Photo Bombs“…you’ll enjoy it!  Laugh and relax!


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  • GREAT! Article! Thanks for all the resources. I'll be saving this one :)

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  • Love the ideas about relaxing. Especially the yoga, the praying and the singing! In fact, we would all benefit from these pointers if Stephanie would sing them to us! Now THAT would be relaxing! For all of you who don't know yet, Stephanie has a beauuuuutiful voice!

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