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Four Steps: Out of Depression and Into the Light

Four Steps: Out of Depression and Into the Light
When  you feel the world coming down around you, when all the positive mantras can’t cut through the overwhelm, depression, confusion or darkness, it means this: Spirit wants all of your attention What can you do? –     Ask: What does the Heart of this Mystery want me to know? Now: Imagine holding the... Read more »

Four Ways to Strengthen Your Boundaries

Boundaries define what gets in and what stays out. You might notice that there is a lot that you might want to keep out these days! If you find yourself feeling angry a lot, it may be because you do not feel entitled to your boundaries and you feel you must fight to keep others... Read more »

Crisis and Kindness

Carole said her name was Janeen. She was a single professional with Church ties, and always cheerful to people in the condo building – in contrast to most who look down at their shoes or their mail while passing each other. When she heard Carole’s parents were ailing, Janeen volunteered to accompany her on the... Read more »

Christmas, the Republicans and the 9/11 First Responders

Tonight The Daily Show with Jon Stewart featured five 9/11 First Responders who were each dying from the cancers they contracted from working around the clock at Ground Zero – and who are not able to get coverage for their health care because Republicans have blocked the Bill. A few months ago, ABC cited a report... Read more »

Five Tips for Sensitive Teens in the Holiday Rush

The Holidays are a time when good cheer, big crowds and lots of emotions are swirling around us. That is not the best environment for sensitive teens (or even sensitive adults). Lately I have had the wondrous experience of working directly with teens – from 14-19 years old on their intuitive gifts.  Some teens can... Read more »

Holiday Shopping: Share Your Favorite Inspiration

Vertigo is the immediate feeling I get as soon as I think about buying Christmas presents for the 43 people in my immediate family. This year, as I tried to wrap my head and heart around what might make each of them smile, happy or more inspired, I decided to focus on books – written... Read more »

Miners: Underground to Space and Back to Ground

What are the chances that what we learn in and about Space, high above the planet we call “home”, could be helpful to a group of men trapped 2100 feet beneath the surface of where the rest of us live?  Apparently, when we explore the terrain that is off our map of reality in any... Read more »

Which Healing Practice is Most Effective?

A client recently told me she was learning Healing Touch Therapy, and was amazed at how well it worked in calming and healing others. How often people say that about a particular method of healing. I told my client that it wasn’t the methodology that made it work. It was her.   What I know... Read more »

New York City Triathlon's Chicago Hero

Anyone feeling depressed? Low energy? Feel like you can’t get to that next goal, no matter how small or close the distance? Well, I have just the thing to help! Take a LOOK ! (especially at the forth row of photos) Israel Antonio, a client who has given me permission to publish his name, has a... Read more »

The Gulf Crisis and a Call to Sacred Action

Yes! It has arrived. This is an organized movement that knows that we can respond to the Gulf crisis in a way that honors our role as caregivers for the earth and partners in spirit. Here is the call: “Join the Evolutionary Leaders for three FREE inspiring, profound and world-changing, global, 70-minute gatherings via telephone and internet.  When tens... Read more »