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Leadership and Consciousness: Trump, Strumf, Stritzke and Shah

At the Conscious Business Palooza Event in Chicago last week, we discussed what conscious business is and what it means. We heard from REI, Context Media, Good City and Clean Slate about how they work on purpose and how their business and revenue models reflect their values. Two common characteristics of these new and diverse models... Read more »

ADHD/ADD and Intuitive Children

ADHD/ADD and Intuitive Children
In 2011, 263 million prescriptions for psychotropic drugs were given by physicians to children under the age of 18 in the US alone. These astounding statistics point to an epidemic that we must address as responsible citizens and parents. Having Executive Produced a DVD on The Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children, I learned from several pediatric physicians... Read more »

Actually, Intuitive Intelligence Enhances Productivity

Actually, Intuitive Intelligence Enhances Productivity
“My actuaries could really use that!” replied, John, the high level executive with whom I spoke. “Really?” I asked, incredulously. Trust me, when I say that my intent in this conversation was only to respond to John’s question: “What is intuitive intelligence?” “How in the world would the guys who thrive on numbers-based data find... Read more »

An Intuitive Response to Osama bin Laden's Death

If you are an intuitive, today, with the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death, you can feel a collective out-breath from those who were touched by 911, and those who wanted justice for a man who openly rejoiced in the destruction of innocents.  At the same time, if you are an intuitive who is emotionally open, there... Read more »

The Middle East Teaching America about Peace?

Technology is informing the world about what is possible when people stand together behind a cause. The violence that is shaking the foundation of Libya cannot quell the numerous reports of the military pledging their allegiance to the protesters and taking over cities. Once people see and hear that their voices, which have been devalued and dismissed... Read more »

From Liberation Square - Egypt is FREE!

Transformation is a process that starts with someone challenging the status quo. A street vendor set himself on fire to protest Egypt’s inequitable and disrespectful social climate.One man ignited the angry hearts of those who agreed with him, but didn’t have the courage or means to speak out. There was anger and rage as crowds... Read more »

Tiger Mom, Success, and Teen Suicide

As far as I can tell, Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, thinks parenting is a role in which the parent intimidates and cruelly punishes children until they produce an outcome that can be considered best in class in a particular skill in comparison with others. While that is an interesting definition of parenting, I believe she... Read more »

The Fictitious Epidemic of ADD and ADHD

“A three year old is not half a six year old.” said Sir Ken Robinson. We are flailing and failing to support children’s unique  gifts and talents. We are anesthetizing kids with ADD/ADHD drugs instead of waking them up so they can ably lead us toward a sustainable future. These ideas came from Sir Robinson’s... Read more »

Peace, Happiness, and Conscious Evolution

Tapping the Source is a new Son of The Secret kind of book and docu-movie whose theme is about how to be happy by connecting with Source. I had the exciting privilege of being part of the red carpet premier crowd with Trib-U columnist Jen Weigel.  My favorite movie moment was when Barbara Marx Hubbard, who... Read more »

The Business of You: Meaningful Work

Many of my clients feel stifled and frozen in their high level corporate positions, afraid to leave the golden handcuffs that keep them bound to something that does not feed their soul. Finding meaning at work doesn’t just mean changing jobs, it means getting to know yourself differently. Clients and colleagues who have slowly morphed... Read more »