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Creating Peace in the Middle East...One Person at a Time

Creating Peace in the Middle East...One Person at a Time
When graphic designer, Ronny Edry, posted on Facebook a poster that said he loved Iran and didn’t want war, no one – most especially Ronny – could have imaged the impact. One message. One intent. One truth. Spreading like wildfire to change the world. What if every human being believed that all sane people on... Read more »

Unending Opportunities

Unending Opportunities
As we experience the dismantling of institutions that have garnered our loyalty for decades – from traditional financial services to medicine to education to government – it is easy to find reasons to feel depressed and even hopeless. Yet, the Japanese remind us that where our egos interpret crisis for our future, the human spirit... Read more »

The Middle East Teaching America about Peace?

Technology is informing the world about what is possible when people stand together behind a cause. The violence that is shaking the foundation of Libya cannot quell the numerous reports of the military pledging their allegiance to the protesters and taking over cities. Once people see and hear that their voices, which have been devalued and dismissed... Read more »

Airline Pat Downs and Feel Ups

The U.S. Government has decided that in order to catch terrorists who have violated our laws, taken lives, and who fly on airplanes, they now have the right to terrorize and violate the speech, space, and person of all citizens who fly. What we have here is a failure of creative solutions, a completely lack... Read more »

Peace, Happiness, and Conscious Evolution

Tapping the Source is a new Son of The Secret kind of book and docu-movie whose theme is about how to be happy by connecting with Source. I had the exciting privilege of being part of the red carpet premier crowd with Trib-U columnist Jen Weigel.  My favorite movie moment was when Barbara Marx Hubbard, who... Read more »

The Business of You: Meaningful Work

Many of my clients feel stifled and frozen in their high level corporate positions, afraid to leave the golden handcuffs that keep them bound to something that does not feed their soul. Finding meaning at work doesn’t just mean changing jobs, it means getting to know yourself differently. Clients and colleagues who have slowly morphed... Read more »

Let's Create a Miracle around the Gulf Oil Spill

I can barely look at the BP logo or tune into reports on the Gulf Coast oil spill without feeling physically weak. Allowing myself to even contemplate the impact of this disaster feels like a really bad idea for achieving any kind of productivity in my day. But, then I thought about the power of the collective... Read more »


My daughter whispered to me about her kindergarten teacher: “Mom, my teacher’s real name is Scott, but when he examples himself, he calls himself ‘Mr. Z’.” Ana Joy inspires me to make verbs out of all the nouns in life…which reminded me of other people who inspire me… Bliss Browne, Founder of Imagine Chicago, is organizing and... Read more »

The Dis-Order Phenomenon

As we draw closer to that magic 2012 number, the world is experiencing the long predicted rampant, evolutionary change  from the climate to the earth’s magnetic field to the global village. There are a lot of fields changing around us, and we are also on a path of human evolution, given that on a good day the myth... Read more »

Leading with the Power of Angels

Laura Derocher sings “If we don’t lead with the Power of Angels, who will?” on her earliest CD “A Song of My Own”. Leadership used to be all about the best man in the room. Now, it appears, it’s all about women and their power. Try this tidbit from the Women’s Conference in LA in September. It’s long,... Read more »