A Mother's Intuition Leads to the World's Blessing

A Mother's Intuition Leads to the World's Blessing

Kristine Barnett, a mother whose son, Jacob, was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, refused to listen to medical diagnosis and instead nurtured her son’s gifts. Jacob Barnett is now a 15 year old on track to become a Nobel Prize winner in Theoretical Physics. 

It was Kristine’s intuition and her stubborn determination to stand up to schools, psychologists and medical doctors who offered her a grim and long term, discouraging diagnosis. She believed that focusing on her son’s interest would lead him to become who he is. She has not only successfully raised Jacob beyond all predictions of his limitations, but has also helped countless other children. Her book,  The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism,”  gives all of us the courage to stand by our intuitive convictions.

Christine Walker’s new book, Chasing Hope, Your Compass for a New Normal, offers parents of children who has been identified as “special needs” a guide for navigating their families’  journey. Ten years ago, Christine’s son was diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar and Autism at the age of four. There were few resources to which she could turn. Christine refused to be daunted and has forged her way, using her intuition as her guide through the chaos. She has become a brilliant advocate for children, and a true fountain of help for those on a similar path. Christine’s son and her love for him evolved  her passion and purpose.

Today is my birthday!  Gratitude flows and overflows in and around me. My lifelong passion, which was nurtured by a family who gave me the space and trust to follow my dreams, was to bridge worlds that I can perceive as few others can.

I have spent a lifetime seeking to translate, articulate and connect dimensions  that do not seem to logically join, but which are perfectly blended in my world. From mysticism, to intuitive reading and healing, to large scale business change, to conscious business and practical leadership development, I have had a rich challenge in blending  and bridging inner and outer reality. My attempt to walk you  through this tapestry is documented in my book Mapping a New Reality, Discovering Intuitive Intelligence. (It is now out in Kindle, so I hope you’ll read it and offer your thoughts on Amazon from your journey.) My family, friends, clients and you are the reason that I find joy in sharing the gifts and skills that I’ve spent a lifetime honing.

I sense it is your time now – you who have forged your path in the dark – to share new pathways through the light of your experience – in whatever way feels right to you. Tradition should be honored, but it should not define our future. We can define our future by listening to each other’s stories and inspiring each other’s passion and gifts.

Thank you for the privilege of  sharing my journey with you!


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  • I am so frustrated with the disease du jour mentality when speaking of children. If they don't fit a very narrow definition, then by our modern accounting, and at the urging of teachers and school administrators, they must be suffering from a medical or mental malady requiring pills and potions. The idea that children might be budding in psychic ability, acutely sensitive is definitely worth exploration, particularly as we already know that academically gifted children can often act out or behave oddly in the absence of a real challenge to conquer. And it also makes one wonder how many kids have the psychics gifts and ability which is being totally masked by medication therapy. The child is also losing out on the ability to cultivate those gifts, and learn to live in harmony with them.

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