Transforming Pain into Power!

Transforming Pain into Power!
Send out that Pain!

In America, if you have a pain, we have a drug for it.

A short while ago, I found myself popping Ibuprofen when my sinuses started to hurt. It took the edge off and I got on with my other priorities. When I found myself doing that three times in a week and a half, I had to stop myself.

Bodies are intelligent companions to our human journey and they signal imbalance in subtle ways. When we don’t take the hint, the signal gets louder. So what did I do?  I told my informed companion to be quiet because I didn’t want to look into that pain. As an intuitive, I’m well aware that the body’s pain signals typically hide fear-based beliefs and that it is important to listen and learn. On the other hand, I’m also an American!

When I shamed myself into stopping long enough to feel into that awful sinus pain, I described the pain to myself: sharp, angry – like daggers. I waited. The pain relaxed a little. I then described the pain again, which was now a little different: swollen, sad. I waited. The pain shifted character again. Finally, it occurred to me that I didn’t want to “face” my fear that I might not find the right partners for a current project. I didn’t want to risk reaching out and later determining I did not attract the best choices for the project, which was a fear based on a long ago experience. My body took a deep breath! When I “guess right”, my body rewards me with deeper oxygen followed by a little more relaxation.

Yet, the pain was not all the way gone. This time, instead of continuing my discovery process, I went into the pain like a mother determined to pull her child out of a wreckage. I commanded like a demi-god in one of my daughter’s mythology books that my pain be transmuted into power. I sent that power out to all those who were afraid that they did not have the support or companionship they needed to do their best. I sent it to intuitive children who were confused about who to include in their very different feeling world.

I continued to command, transform and send out the pain, and then watched it move into someone else’s blessing.

Our pain is power. Let’s use it and transform our own and others’ lives!



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