Frozen Will Warm Your Heart

Frozen Will Warm Your Heart

Recently my daughter and I saw Disney’s new movie, Frozen. It was both delightful and surprising!

Anna and Elsa were inseperable sisters in childhood until Elsa’s power, which turned everything she touched to ice and snow, hurt her sister when they were playing. Their royal parents shut down the castle with both girls inside to protect Elsa from the world’s view and to protect the world from Elsa. It reminded me of how often we decide to hide when we fear others’ judgments, and how often we presume others don’t notice our absence…the way Elsa treated her sister, Anna.

Anna remained in the dark about why Elsa locked herself in her room and why she kept her distance even as they grew older. Their parents were killed at sea and Elsa was named ruler. Elsa ran away from their Arondale kingdom because she was afraid she would hurt her own people when her powers showed up unbidden.

Anna, still not understanding her sister’s actions or distance, bravely went on a heroine’s adventure to find Elsa and talk her into coming back to her people. Throughout the movie, Anna demonstrated unwavering loyalty and love to a sister who never returned her affection. This is an extraordinary message in an era where we have movies called “Mean Girls” and television shows that celebrate how good women can be at using semi-automatic weapons to blow away enemies without flinching or remorse…just like guys.

At the end, when Anna was struck by her sister’s frozen powers, she needed the kiss of true love to live. Her true love was running toward her, within steps of kissing her, as Anna was about to freeze/die, when suddenly Anna  she saw a man about to kill her sister. 

In every children’s movie to date, the boy kisses the girl and she lives, ala Cinderella. But Frozen was different.

Anna had a choice: to wait a few seconds for her true love to arrive to kiss her and save her life, or to put herself in harms way by standing between her sister and the sword that was about to kill her.

Instead of receiving a kiss from her true love, Anna demonstrated true love and chose to save her sister. I won’t tell you the ending…cliff hanger..

But if you want an entirely new look at true love, I highly recommend Frozen…it will warm your heart!

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