Four Steps: Out of Depression and Into the Light

Four Steps: Out of Depression and Into the Light

When  you feel the world coming down around you, when all the positive mantras can’t cut through the overwhelm, depression, confusion or darkness, it means this:

Spirit wants all of your attention

What can you do?

–     Ask: What does the Heart of this Mystery want me to know?


  1. Imagine holding the hands of all those in the world who feel lonely, alone, abandoned, in pain, without recourse, in despair, or whatever you are feeling underneath your mask to the world.
  2. Feel your part in this group and feel the whole group as spiritual warriors.
  3. Ask Spirit to come and learn from this circle of life. Ask Spirit to honor and to witness this suffering, this moment, about how it is to feel human and in pain.
  4. Finally, ask to be surrounded and enveloped in this group with a love that comes from deep within the heart of the Creator… to create communion – so that Spirit is in and deeply honoring and respecting the courage among strangers, demonstrating authenticity and vulnerability in the dark hours of the human journey.


Know, feel, Be as one – with this group and with the awareness of the intimacy of Spirit’s presence and power.


Stand with this group in solidarity, honoring this love.


Now that’s being alive…

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