ADHD/ADD and Intuitive Children

ADHD/ADD and Intuitive Children

In 2011, 263 million prescriptions for psychotropic drugs were given by physicians to children under the age of 18 in the US alone.

These astounding statistics point to an epidemic that we must address as responsible citizens and parents. Having Executive Produced a DVD on The Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children, I learned from several pediatric physicians and pediatric neuropsychologists that physicians often hand out these potentially dangerous drugs without proper assessment – in fact, many times with a 15 minute, over the phone checklist.

Medication as a primary pathway for our children’s learning needs is a colossal failure of imagination, collaborative creativity and commitment to our future.

Over the summer I increased my research and have become more committed to building pathways that create a context where intuitively and spiritually gifted children can become the leaders they were meant to be and the leaders we desperately need them to be.

Recently I was honored to be a guest on Hans Bishop’s Transforming Reality Radio show, where guests address topics that increase awareness and inspiration by offering meaningful content and thoughtful connections. I spoke on the topic of the Misdiagnosis of Intuitively Gifted Children at length – from the statistics, to my Intuitive Readings of children to my data on the growing correlation between ADHD/ADD diagnoses and intuitive giftedness.

In my recent WGN interview, I also addressed the way we need to pay attention to the context we are and have been creating for children, which feeds back into our response to medicate as a first course of action.

It’s time to pay attention and create new pathways to our future – by being aware of the reality children are trying to teach us and by finding ways to honor those teachers as they grow into the leaders we need them to be.



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