Voices in Your Head - Are They All Good?

Voices in Your Head - Are They All Good?

When you listen within, do you hear words? See pictures? Feel or sense things? Just Know?

Throughout the ages, when people saw visions, they were called “prophets”. When they sensed or felt that something “bad” was going to happen – like a loved one was about to be sick or die – it was often said they had “the gift”. However, when people have heard voices, the long standing response by those who didn’t receive their inner insight that way, was to assume that voices were a bad thing and suggest a jacket that ties in the back and some strong drugs to boot.

Elizabeth Longden, a psychologist who spent many years in an asylum, diagnosed and medicated as a schizophrenic, now says that every unfriendly voice in our heads is meant to protect us emotionally and represents a part of us that has not yet been emotionally processed. She said the destructive voices she heard were actually “meaningful responses to traumatic events and were not my enemies but a source of insight to solvable emotional problems.”

I was struck by this perspective because it is a beautiful description of my intuitive Reading and healing work. When I do a Reading, I am listening to all the unprocessed voices in my client’s unconscious mind that are related the the challenge(s) he brings to the table. I articulate the related fear and fear-based beliefs and release the accompanying emotional charge…like psychology on steroids!

Befriending the voices within us – especially when they cause pain – relaxes their related physical and emotional charges, allowing more information and greater insight.

What Longden doesn’t yet know is that voices also represent an intuitive proclivity called “clairaudience”, which means “clear hearing”. If you are an auditory learner – you learn best by hearing the instructions or information – then your intuition will likely also come through voices you hear.  Sometimes the voices seem to be located in your own head; sometimes they seem to be whispered in your ear; sometimes they seem to come from way outside you.

If the words are coming from a place of fear, then those voices are not your highest intuition guiding you. If you stay with them, however, they do have the potential to bring you the kind of wisdom that allowed Longden to transform from hopeless patient to hope-filled psychologist.

As a high clairaudient intuitive, it requires only someone’s name for me to “see” all the information related to their challenge and to realign them. If someone who wasn’t clairaudient witnessed what it took for me to develop my gifts over decades, I imagine Longden’s experiences might be closer to home for me.

I am grateful to have cultivated my gifts hidden from the world stage. It is my hope that we can broaden our map of reality to include intuitively gifted children — and find healing and developmental paths for them.

Then they can become the people they were meant to be and offer their gifts to a world sorely in need of their higher contribution.


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