Creating Peace in the Middle East...One Person at a Time

Creating Peace in the Middle East...One Person at a Time

When graphic designer, Ronny Edry, posted on Facebook a poster that said he loved Iran and didn’t want war, no one – most especially Ronny – could have imaged the impact.

One message. One intent. One truth. Spreading like wildfire to change the world. What if every human being believed that all sane people on earth want the same things – a safe place for their families to grow; opportunities to express themselves and share their work; a way to gather enough to support themselves and their families; time and places to share their smiles and enhance the laughter that make life worth living?

What if we knew that our intentions mattered and our small actions could make a world of difference? How would we choose to participate to enhance the possibility for this realization?

How we make meaning of our lives is a lifelong question. Deciding what we want to do and can do is often a daunting prospect, given the complexity of our global community. For me, the choice of where to place my attention at any given time or season often feels overwhelming. When I saw Ronny’s extraordinary example of what it might be like to start from where I am,  it created a way for me to come home to myself and ask simply: what is important to me now? How can I begin there and share?

Please Be inspired by what your one intent can do to change the world…


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