Be Your Naked Self This Summer

Be Your Naked Self This Summer

How much time do you spend thinking about how you look, how you appear to others, what others might think about you or how you can meet other’s expectations? How many hours do you get caught up in perfecting the art of looking good, appropriate and acceptable?

What would happen if we all considered ourselves entirely acceptable exactly as we are on any given day, and were content with all aspects of ourselves and each other? What would have to happen in our minds to allow us to walk around makeup free, hair unprofessionally quaffed and laughed at ourselves when we made mistakes?

That provocative proposition was forwarded by Laura Derocher, when she showed up as her “naked self” to a talk – without makeup or hair done – to walk the talk of embracing our whole selves. She refers to the Shadow Side that C.G. Jung popularized and defined as the parts of ourselves we would prefer no one else see.

Laura is a chemical engineer with a Masters degree in organizational development, who is also women’s leadership coach…and a phenomenal singer, having produced beautiful CDs!

Along the way, Laura also decided to become a Unity Minister and blend her theatrical skill, her voice, her coaching and her values. She exemplifies the multi-faceted self we all possess but sometimes compress into a resume intended to impress people who will give us money in trade for work. Many of my clients are confused at how many diverse talents and interests they possess and how to focus those on one work path. Sometimes, when you accept what shows up in front of you, those gifts come together to create an unexpected contribution…like Laura’s.

If you want to let go and express your whole self, I highly recommend this inspirational video. It’s a bit long, but if you are patient, the reward is immense!



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