Bath time sucks!

  I am enjoying a night of relaxation…. and my fifteen year old asked if she could write a “guest blog” about her experience.  Here ya go…… p.s. she swears!!                          Bath time is supposed to be a wonderful relaxing time to yourself where you can set off a beautiful bath bomb, enjoy your time alone,... Read more »

Unground your teenagers

Teenage punishment.  It’s been around since the cavemen roamed the earth. I am almost certain that some punky teenage boy tried to impress his gal by taking the wheel out for a roll down a hill without getting a grunt from his Fred Flintstone look alike dad.   And when he got home he probably... Read more »

Do I bug you?

As I was waiting for the Orkin man to show up today during his two hour window (at least it wasn’t the four hour one that the cable companies like to award us with for being loyal customers) the always enlightening Kelly Ripa (my all time girl crush wanna be bff friends with btw) and... Read more »

Goals. Slay em.

Couples Goals!  Mom Goals!  She’s goals!  Body Goals!  They’re goals! I was hearing about these goals over and over and over again.  For pretty much the past year.  From the mouths of my teens. One night I finally said to them, “Me and Carl (my boytoy) are couples goals right?” Loud laughter.  “NO mom!  You... Read more »

Are you raising a bully and you don't even know it?

I am sitting here with tears.  Falling hard.  Onto this stupid keyboard.  But I have a message for you.  The parent of a future adult.  The parent of a bully.  Yes. You.  And you might not even have a clue that this bully is right under your nose. We all need to wake up.  We... Read more »

Catch me outside or CASH me outside with the money!

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Okay so it’s been a couple of months since this phenomenal catch phrase was first spoken out of the mouth of a troubled teen girl appearing on Dr. Phil for help.  It has only just come to my attention however, so that makes it new and current and definitely relevant and something I definitely want... Read more »

Editing myself

It’s been over a year since I have seen this blank page staring at me.  I have not written or even attempted to write a blog with my big mouth big thoughts since February of last year.  Well guess what?  My annoying self is back.  Just to see if I can still get a chuckle... Read more »

DMV nightmare

I’ve just been to the DMV and now I feel like I need anti-depressants! I really truly believe that this is one of the stereotypes of the American worker that we got right! The whole miserable experience should have been captured on a WHAT NOT TO DO DMV training video. So….  we all know they... Read more »

Christmas is over, now what?

On the 12th day after Christmas won’t someone please help me…. take down the Muther F***** Christmas tree…  On the 12th day after Christmas should it really be a fight?  To put away these f***** Christmas lights… Okay, so I guess TECHNICALLY it’s like the 14th day after Christmas, but really…  why won’t someone help... Read more »

Dog strollers .... awwww... how utterly ridiculous!

I am about to perhaps piss some people off with what I am about to say. WHY THE BLEEP IS YOUR DOG IN A STROLLER? I’m sorry.  It’s bad enough I have to get barked at when I am strolling through the parking lot of my favorite Jewel.  Or distracted by your three dogs in... Read more »