Shakira shakes and Jennifer gets low and vice versa

Has it really only been two days since the superbowl halftime show?  Does anybody else feel like its been weeks?  Only because we just cannot seem to stop talking about it!

I would say that is a WIN WIN for Shakira and JLO.

It doesn’t matter what my stance is on the show.  If I danced, drooled, yelled, rooted, turned away in disgust, tweeted yay or nay or sat in neutral as these girls did their thing.  It really does not matter one iota.  We are always, as humans, going to argue and disagree when it comes to things like this.  He said she said. He saw she saw.  I know what I saw.  I know if any kids I AM RAISING  the way I want them to be raised saw the show.  I know if it was perfect for my life and values and effects me or my family in any way and I know if it didn’t,  doesn’t and won’t.  It’s all in my perspective.

I understand that sometimes the need to get on a soapbox and complain takes over.  I have done it.  Or the need to root for something that you feel is being unfairly represented takes over and then you just can’t stop.  I’ve done that too.  Or maybe you just like to complain.  Or be a cheerleader.

I remember what I felt when I saw the show.   I remember re-watching it yesterday and feeling something a little different.  I have read rants and I have read praises and I have heard how Shakira has just announced a World tour and one of her songs sent some shockwaves through iTunes with new downloads.

So like I said. It is a win win for these girls.  Women.  Moms.  Daughters.  Americans.  Hotties.  Dancers.  Hoes.  I don’t know what you feel.  I know what I feel.  And I know that on the scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s called art, entertainment and to be honest, a way to make a living and MONEY.  They do these shows for free hoping to get publicity and hopefully boost a career or reboost.  Good for them.  Role models for you and yours… or not.

If the reaction you felt Sunday while stuffing your face with wings, or pizza or wasabi nuts was out of jealousy, because DAMN! or out of fear because OHMYGOD! THE CHILDREN!  or out of DISGUST because women are not supposed to be sexy in your world, then that’s your business.   And you can cling on to those that think like you and rant or praise together.  Shakira and JLO will be fine, just like before the show.  Wasn’t Adam Levine naked last year?  DAMN, OHMYGOD!  THE CHILDREN WILL BE GETTING TATTOS!, DISGUSTING…  (okay that might be a stretch)…  but come on.  It’s the entertainment business.  With billions and billions of brains on this planet (or lack of) there is bound to be upset.  The odds of all of us agreeing are 0 in a gazillion!  It’s ok.  That’s what sports betting is for…  I think one of the bets may have involved twerking,

I know what I want to say about the show. People that know me know my stance.  But it’s all been said.  Good or bad.  And I’m just me.   And we will talk about Shakira and JLO until the next big controversy takes over America and social media.  I believe that is very likely going to happen sometime tomorrow with a certain (interesting coiffed) person who may or may not have watched Shakira and JLO perform.   Now THAT controversy is something that is definitely every American’s business.  And DAMN!  OHMYGOD!  THE CHILDREN! DISGUSTING!  See?  It’s all in your own perspective.


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