Even the polar vortex can cause racial tension and bullying

Alert the media!  Attention please!!  (As if everyone doesn’t already know).   It’s cold (A F)  in the Chicagoland area.  We are all dealing with possible dead batteries in cars, school cancellations, no mail, no garbage pickup, restaurant closures and just plain old cabin fever!  But why does cabin fever have to turn to this?

Yesterday, while we were secluded from the brutal world in our own little love filled one (sort of)  my daughters and their friend got an idea to put on bikinis.  Then they begged me to let them go outside and asked if I would take a picture.  I laughed and told them they were crazy but said they could do it.  I then let them run out the patio door while I held the camera and started clicking.  I let them stay out maybe 20 seconds, maybe less.  And then they ran back in.  They were two feet away from the door, had winter boots on, a mother snapping pictures and telling them to make the few seconds count because it was almost time to run back in, smiling faces all while in a controlled setting.

Yes.  I know it was ridiculously cold out there yesterday.  We are not making light of anybody that is unfortunate enough to have to be out there unprepared.  I am not discounting that this weather can be dangerous, as in the case of the Iowa college student who was found around 3:00 a.m.   Myself and my children know that staying outside longer than a brief period is not a good idea and could cause frostbite and in extreme cases death.  But the chain of events that is happening to my children is enough to make me never talk bad about a Kardashian and their choices again.

My girls posted the photo on their Instagram and or snapchat or whatever social media is the choice one for girls their age now.  I have neither.   I have facebook.  I woke up to the stories of my girls being bullied and harassed for “risking” their lives.  Let’s be real.  Police officers risk their lives.  The Coast Guard risks their lives.  Military men and women RISK THEIR LIVES.  The only things these girls  did were try to have a minute of silly fun and experience how cold it really was outside.  Remember, it may never be this cold again for them…. especially because of global warming (ha ha ha)!  To be honest I am glad they weren’t sitting around vaping, drinking, smoking, having sex or eating laundry detergent.   They went outside people.  Their eyeballs didn’t explode.  Their hair didn’t fall out and their lips didn’t stick together.  It was a quick funny photo trip outside.

I am going to add some photos and some comments so you can see how the real world of teenage  living really goes and see that we are not making progress when it comes to “hate”.  I am appalled and livid at the RACIAL issue this innocent incident has become.  I am starting to believe there is no hope.  And apparently I am just a “dumb cracker ass mom” and my children will never get into college or get a good job.   Let’s hope this is not the case.  This is all I have to say about the issue.  I have assured my kids that they will be fine and to try to be proud of being a “whitey”.   And told them that sometimes a good old fashioned snowball fight is all we really need!

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  • My unpopular opinion is that many people are acting as if this is radioactive fallout instead of cold air. That’s not to say that you can be outside for prolonged lengths of time without consequences, severe frostbite comes to mind. But you can survive going from your home to a car and to a heated building if you have the ability to do so. If you have to wait for a bus or train in the elements, that is another thing entirely. Still, as long as you bundle up and the wait isn’t too outrageous, you will survive.

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