Don't want my kids singing it? Then don't put it in the song!

So there is a very heated debate about what is right and wrong etiquette when it comes to that word.  You know what word.  It starts with an N.  My children were not brought up to use that word.  I did not use it.  The first time I heard my child SING that word I yelled at her.  And I also said to stop saying it. That was about two years ago when my youngest started to love rap music.  I certainly did not teach her this song.  At 13 they are old enough to pick their own music and download it.  It is a choice what type of music you like and listen to.  She was also guided with the help of her friends.  We do not live in white rural America.  We live among many different races and cultures.

Now, at fifteen, she loves this music.  Not all of her music  carries the N word, but I certainly hear it.  She is not singing it with hate.  I don’t think that she sings it and even thinks about a slave being called that while getting whipped.  I think she is just enjoying the song, and singing her little white heart out.  But now she is being told that is wrong.  She was taught the word  through YOUR SONG, and admires it and enjoys it and spends money on downloading it, but yet she is supposed to not sing the whole song.  I call BULLSHIT.

I grew up having to learn about other races after I turned 18 and moved away from my home. I would say that I was probably raised a little racist.  Yes.  Actually I definitely was.  I can hear my dad in my head saying very derogatory words about many nationalities.  I was polish on my mother’s side and was even raised to be ashamed to admit to that.  So I left, and learned, sometimes the hard way, about different people.  And I am so thankful that I moved and learned.  I view all people as humans.  I do not care what race you are as long as you are not a jerk of a human.  I walk with all races.  I am with many different people every single day on my job.  I work at a college and I have never looked at someone and thought of them as anything other than my equal.   That is the truth.

So.  What I am ranting about now is this whole issue of a white girl at a concert who was brought up on stage and made to feel like she did something wrong.  She did not.  She was singing the song she loved with the artist who wrote it.  I am sure that she did not even think about the racial tension that this word brings up.  I think of my child, perhaps being in public, and singing this song.  I think that someone might feel she is being disrespectful.  And they may even approach her.  And she may get into an altercation without understanding at all what she did wrong.  I truly truly believe with my whole heart and brain that I was given that these kids are just singing the songs you wrote the lyrics to.

I just asked my daughter’s boyfriend, who happens to be black (just throwing that in there), if she should just not sing that word.  He actually said it depends on who you are with.  So apparently I know nothing and we should keep the words in the songs but don’t you dare sing the word if you are white.

This is why races are so divided.  We can’t agree even about a word that you chose to put in the song.  I didn’t.  She didn’t.

Lamar, come on.  You could have handled this so differently.   There are haters out there.  But a fan at your concert dancing and singing with you on your stage was not the proper person to educate at that moment.

I am wondering now if I should ban any of those songs with the N word in it.  Or should you be banned from putting it in the song?




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