Please keep the Victoria Secret fashion show the way it is. Perfect.

First things first.  ASHLEY GRAHAM is so beautiful.  Like there is not a flaw on her face.

Now.  Second thing.  And I am about to get haters for this.  She was complaining about the VS fashion show and how they didn’t use any “bigger” models.    Okay.  When we watch the VS fashion show, we really don’t watch it to see bodies like so many of us have.  We watch it because it’s eye candy and we cannot believe how perfectly perfect these little bodies are.  I am a woman.   When I watch the VS show on tv, once a year, I don’t really want to see bodies that aren’t perfect in their wings.  I really don’t.  I know it’s wrong.  And I should want to see big bodies, BUT I DON”T.  I am not condoning starving yourself to be perfect.  I honestly don’t believe that all models starve themselves.  I think some girls are just naturally thin without being on crazy diets.

Look.  We are always worried about hurting women’s feelings who might not be a size 4, 6 or 8.   And everyone is so pissed off for “real” women’s bodies not being splattered all over every magazine or billboard.  But seriously, obesity is a problem in the world.  Look around.  Big is everywhere.  We are all eating way too much.   I don’t understand any of this animosity towards a company that has built itself on fantasies, beauty and perfection.  Is that wrong?  VS underwear is to be worn in the bedroom or kitchen or wherever you want with the person of your choice to be pleasing to the eye.  What you look like in your own home in these beautifully sexy lingeries is none of my business.  Beauty does come in all sizes.  But can we just agree that the VS fashion show was built on a certain body type and look?  VS models don’t need to be overweight.  I’m not saying bigger women are not sexy.  But there are companies for that.  VS is not a company that is typically tailored to bigger women.  A skinny model isn’t going to be asked to walk in the lane Bryant fashion show, is she?   Why can’t a company pick the type of models it wants for it’s underwear?  If it offends you, don’t buy that brand.  But some, okay, a lot of people want to see these fantasy bodies.  For whatever reason.  Maybe it’s motivation.  But it’s probably just because we like to look at a body we can’t see in the mirror.  It’s just the way it is.  Don’t be a hater.  If the shoe was on the other foot you would probably tell a skinny girl to eat a donut.  And don’t lie.

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