The Story of a Girl... or a Boy.... and an iphone

“What is a kink?”  I looked up from my magazine to find one of my children hovered over my bed asking me this question.  I said I didn’t know what she meant.  Then she proceeded to tell me about a boy who asked her if she liked to get her kink on.  He asked her this  while  hiding behind that stupid little smart mother frickin phone of course.  So then we got into a deep conversation about fetishes and she had all sorts of questions and filled my brain with all sorts of things boys are texting girls these days.  So okay, this is where I could go off on all of the young men in the world and ask you as parents what kinds of sons you are raising.  But I am not that naive.  I know that it takes two and sometimes the girl is on the other end of the phone giving the boy what he wants to hear, or see.

This post has sort of two topics.  Well, to be honest, it probably has about three because my mind is never really focused on one thing at a time. But that’s okay because the topics are all intertwined.  You’ll see.  So I wanted to talk about fetishes, and how they can be unhealthy, at times, like when they are dark and involve dangerous things or as in the case of that poor ISU student a month ago, deadly.  But there are perfectly healthy fetishes and sometimes those are needed as an escape in this world. Am I a wierdo for saying that?  Sure.  Why not.   I mean what harm could honestly come from getting your freak on with a stuffed animal?  Yes.  The funny stuffed animal  fetish or Autoplushophilia  that I saw on the list of fetishes which I googled as research for this post.  There are fetishes that involve things as harmless as silk and as dangerous as climacophilia, you know, when you get aroused from falling down stairs.  Am I a total creep  for saying that fetishes are healthy?   I honestly think they are harmless if they are done together with someone who shares the same love of… get ready… poo… that you do.  So fetishes are what I really wanted to write about as my kid started telling me about boys who were asking her for foot pictures and if she liked to be tickled.  And I talked to her for quite some time about this issue and we even googled and had some silly laughs together.  I warned her, you never know what you are going to get out there so be careful.   I was shocked that boys felt so secure with their private fetishes to actually admit to them in a snap chat streak or whatever its called.  This phone  world of young teens has become so brave and at times a little disgusting.

Ok.  So let’s see, where am I going with this ramble?  Oh yes.  Boys. Girls. Texting. Kinkiness. Fetishes. Teenagers.  Something about those words just don’t jive together for me.

There is a movie on tonight that I think parents should watch and possibly watch with their teens.  Early teens.  It’s called The Story of A Girl and I think it’s on lifetime.  It caught my attention because I feel like I am in the midst of all this internet teen snap chatting porn wanna be that is going around.  Having said that, I am glad to know this movie exists because for some reason my girls seem to be the only girls out of their friends who are asked to send nudes or are having an eggplant emoji planted on their open mouthed laughing pictures.  Yeah, right.   Or is it just that my girls come to me and tell me all this nonsense and show me, probably not everything, but a lot!  I would be an idiot to think that this doesn’t effect almost every single teen girl or boy at one time or another.  And an idiot I am not.  And you know you aren’t either. So what started out as a silly post wanting to talk about the wonderful arousal some of you feel towards elderly people, better know as gerontophilia, or the lust one might have for dwarfs or giants, has become an important, I hope, post about the importance of  staying in your teens lives and checking things and talk talk talking to them.  Being all up in their business is your job.  They are not ready for all this sex that is around them 24/7 because let’s face it, they are attached to their phones 24/7.

There may be some of you who don’t understand why or how I could talk to a teenager about these things.  If I don’t talk to them, it is still going to be there and I can try to educate them and warn them not to send that picture of their freshly pedicured foot to the boy who seemed a little too excited to ask for it.  No.  That is like sending him a nude.  If you know it arouses him, don’t do it!  Or vice versa. But I have three girls so it is so hard for me to see the other side of this.  Although I promise I do try.  I know these girls are sometimes little teases and that is what I am trying to stop on my end.  Work with me.  Together hopefully we can bring a little modesty and teach them to act like little ladies and gentlemen and play hard to get and maybe dating can make a comeback and they can know what it feels like to get picked up at the door or go to the door to get their first date, and maybe, maybe, get an innocent first date kiss and never even have to see each other’s naked feet because they didn’t really have a “connection”.  Hey, I can dream big for my teens, can’t I?


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  • You should have included a picture of your feet with this post ;-)

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