Yeah for Loving Day!

As I was trolling facebook in the wee early morning hours before the birds got up, I came across a post on someone’s wall.  It was all about her relationship with her biracial lover.  But wait, I was confused.   She was Hispanic and he was white, a.k.a. probably a mutt, mixture of german, irish, Swedish, pixie dust.  Who knew.  Who cares.  I certainly don’t.  And I don’t mean I DONT CARE as in I am a total bitch face asshole who doesn’t care about this girl’s relationship or her post.  I mean, It doesn’t matter to me what nationality or color either of them is.  And the fact that it didn’t even seem to me that they were “biracial” got me thinking.    My boyfriend is Myan and Mexican.  Ummmm, hello.  Lightbulb blink on moment!    That means that I am in a biracial relationship and didn’t even realize it until today.  And it’s been 16 months (yes I still count the months, cause I’m still infatuated).

I texted him right away and asked him if he realized we were biracial.  He had no clue either.  I would say that is a very good sign.  A sign that I have come to see the person, not the race perhaps?  A sign that color of skin  is nothing to me but a pigment.  Strip us all of the skin we are in  and you still have bones and nostril holes where the noses that are oh so different hang while we are alive and capable of love.

We thought it was cool and instantly came up with a nickname for ourselves.  Out of fear of hurting someone’s feelings I won’t say what our biracial couple name is.  Lets just say you combine something you eat in soup and a brightly colored paper mache’ animal filled with candy.  That’s us.

I became a little obsessed with this new found information about my self and the love of my life.  And I wondered if other people thought we were a biracial couple.  I mean , it literally never dawned on me.  I don’t really go around obsessing about races of people when I see them together.  I am usually more observant of their body language and wonder if they eat pizza together in bed like us.  Okay, I don’t usually wonder that either, but what I am saying is I don’t dwell on the race.

To me, the thing that makes me and my other race boyfriend so different, is the fact that he grew up a rich kid with a boat and when his brother got appendicitis his mom rented a plane to be with him at the hospital because she was on vacation somewhere without  her child.  That is so different  from the childhood I had which entailed  bleeding to death on the side of the road til my mom could get off work to inspect my bandaged up chin, just to realize it probably needed a few stitches so the scar would look better but at that point the blood had all dried up so why bother.

Yes.  I would say that is what made us world’s apart.  The Christmas’s filled with hearts desire and the Christmas’s where one thing was asked for, and you got that, plus socks and underwear.

Being in a biracial relationship has never affected my life.  I have never felt distain towards anyone for being in a coupledom with someone that was another race than them.  But I know that this is the time of year when people all around the world celebrate Loving Day.

If you don’t know what that is, look it up.   It’s really kind of wonderful.

Richard and Mildred Loving fell in love.  And they did realize they were biracial.  They were forced to realize it.

My biracial love is not really a big deal.  Especially in the world we live in today.   But thanks to the Lovings and people like them who everyday make race less and less of an issue I can be with whoever I desire.  Let’s face it, there is so much more to worry about in this day and age than who I love or who I need to put extra sunscreen on!  (and btw, EVERYONE needs that shit!)



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  • Rice Pinata? Noodle pinata? Am I close?

  • In reply to Michelle Babicz:

    You got the piñata :)

  • I guess love does funny things to people. It is not the first situation. I also were ordering research papers on line when I met my girl. So, I didn't waste my time.

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