Unground your teenagers

Teenage punishment.  It’s been around since the cavemen roamed the earth. I am almost certain that some punky teenage boy tried to impress his gal by taking the wheel out for a roll down a hill without getting a grunt from his Fred Flintstone look alike dad.   And when he got home he probably had to pick the bugs out of his little sisters hair for a week.  You know, as punishment.

Times have changed.  It seems what was used on kids of the past doesn’t work today and we need to get creative.  Sure there is grounding. But if your kids don’t have much of a social roam the neighborhood life anyway, then what are you really keeping them from?

Also we could make them do more “chores”.  Dishes (okay my kids already have to do their own), laundry (ditto), mow the lawn (hmmmmm. townhouse association takes care of that)….  get the picture?  It’s time to get creative.  Taking the phone away is so.. so… unrealistic.  Because we have forgotten how to let our kids be home alone, or go anywhere without the phone attached to them so taking it away is really more of an anxiety attack for parents as opposed to punishment for teens.

I thought about taking the makeup away for a week from one of them.  And the treadmill from the other.  But then a lightbulb went off in my head, or should I say above it.

I stumbled on a form of punishment quite by accident.  I was actually only trying to fill my kid’s summer days/ nights with activities besides the pool, the park, the tv, the phone.  So the local library beckoned me.  They offer so many free events in the teen center that I signed them up for practically everything.  I wasn’t thinking this was a punishment for them, until the moans started coming in.

And the library’s festivities were beginning just in time for both of my teenagers to be in need of some punishment for their unruly unthinkable unspeakable behavior over the weekend.  I am not going to mention what they did, because I am embarressed of them at the moment.  But believe me, they need to be grounded.  Or the opposite of grounded, which is sending them to these activities.

On the way here tonight (yes I am at the library writing this while I wait for them to)  between the complaining and faking sickness, they honestly had the nerve to say “I hope nobody we know is there”.  I told them there would be no chance in hell of the cool cute boys they are always looking for around town being there.   Unless, like me, their parents have decided to unground them and do some punishment that is actually for their own good!

Isn’t it ironic that as we grow up we actually want to sign up for these kinds of activities in the hopes of meeting interesting people and having fun?

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  • My plan is for the library to be our kids second home.

  • In reply to Michael Messinger:

    Plan on having real delinquents huh Michael? :)

  • This is funny! And I get it - we do take the phone, but it does end up getting back to her. Because she truly DOES need to talk with someone about HW (we do take it back) or a ride to practice, or whatever. This punishment is diabolically genius...I'm looking into it!

  • In reply to Colleen Sall:

    Good luck on your diabolicalness Colleen!

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