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Yeah for Loving Day!

As I was trolling facebook in the wee early morning hours before the birds got up, I came across a post on someone’s wall.  It was all about her relationship with her biracial lover.  But wait, I was confused.   She was Hispanic and he was white, a.k.a. probably a mutt, mixture of german, irish, Swedish,... Read more »

Bath time sucks!

  I am enjoying a night of relaxation…. and my fifteen year old asked if she could write a “guest blog” about her experience.  Here ya go…… p.s. she swears!!                          Bath time is supposed to be a wonderful relaxing time to yourself where you can set off a beautiful bath bomb, enjoy your time alone,... Read more »

Unground your teenagers

Teenage punishment.  It’s been around since the cavemen roamed the earth. I am almost certain that some punky teenage boy tried to impress his gal by taking the wheel out for a roll down a hill without getting a grunt from his Fred Flintstone look alike dad.   And when he got home he probably... Read more »