Editing myself

It’s been over a year since I have seen this blank page staring at me.  I have not written or even attempted to write a blog with my big mouth big thoughts since February of last year.  Well guess what?  My annoying self is back.  Just to see if I can still get a chuckle or enlighten or somehow entertain at least one person out there.  And what better way to do it than on Women’s Day 2017?!

I have been focusing on my “degree” from a community college for the past year.  And in May I will have one.  It’s nothing to brag about and it’s not the degree I wanted, because of the ever useful algebra classes that I need to get that said degree.  But it’s nonetheless a degree.  And yes, I will go to my grave believing that algebra is overrated and time would be better spent on math that really helped us in our daily lives, math that involves figuring out how to make that paycheck stretch far enough to eat, be sheltered, save a little more than a piggy bank full and have fun along the way.  That is the kind of math so many of us NEED!

I’m going to have to get back in the swing of putting myself out there and opening myself up for criticism again.  The first time around I wasn’t scared of any backlash at all.  But after a year of keeping most of my thoughts to myself I am finding this a little scary.  We all know what it’s like to be criticized about our opinion.  The whole November election that was the cause of  many a  facebook fight and boycotted family Christmases taught us all a thing or two about “biting our tongue” and SMH (which btw I just learned what that meant a few months ago).

So, I just wanted to write a blog today to see if I could.  This isn’t really saying much or very interesting, I know, but sometimes we just have to do things for ourselves.  This blog was just for me.  But I am making a goal to myself to blog at least once a week to see if I can even figure out how to talk to the virtual world the way I used to.  Sitting here alone, in front of this screen, trying to keep the inner insecurity and visions of anyone reading this wondering wtf is this chick doing and why is she even out here away from my mind before I push the publish button (now my boyfriend just came up and wondered what I was doing, he had no idea I even ever had a blog, and now I’m most worried about him reading my past blogs…. might be single again soon!).   And wow I have a lot of run on sentences.  My Comp II instructor would be all over this shit.

Enjoy your day.  Edit yourself YOUR way.  As one of my favorite Bachelor contestants recently said this season (I love you Corrine), YOU DO YOU, I”LL DO ME.  Yes, I’m publicly putting it out there that I watch the Bachelor while eating snacks and even gave that show 3 hours of my life on Monday night.    YOU DO YOU, I”LL DO ME.


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