Catch me outside or CASH me outside with the money!

Okay so it’s been a couple of months since this phenomenal catch phrase was first spoken out of the mouth of a troubled teen girl appearing on Dr. Phil for help.  It has only just come to my attention however, so that makes it new and current and definitely relevant and something I definitely want to rant about.

Why,  you may ask,  would this be news? And why would any of us care?

Well as a mom of teen girls, all of them seemingly troubled at times, but nothing out of the ordinary for an American Teenager, I see how sad and pathetic this whole thing has become.

So this girl appears on Dr. Phil to receive help because I am assuming her parents are “done”.  During the taping,  the audience laughs at this girl.   And then “Cash me outside, how bout dat” is born.

And we all go crazy.  Memes are made.  Merchandise is readily available on the internet for our fashion pleasure.  And there is a music video.  I watched the you tube videos of this girl, and yes, I did laugh.  I’m guilty.  I listened to the remix songs because yes it was quite catchy with Dr. Phil’s voice in the background.   I even made a video of my girls saying that on camera to me at a restaurant (okay it was totally staged) and posted it on my facebook.  Because it was funny.  But I could not believe this little girls appearance on the Dr. Phil show. And now that I have had time to think about all of this, it isn’t that funny anymore.   She had no respect for anyone.  And call me wrong, but I have to put some of the blame on the mother.  For letting her speak to her that way.  For letting her dress that way.  For a lot of it. And now we, the audience,  have ourselves to blame as well.

Hello?  Please tell me that I’m not crazy (okay just this once) for thinking this is super sad and disgusting.  My children have the nerve to me to say that they are jealous of this teenager.  She is making, and I quote, “Millions”.  They then show me the music video.  And that is when I can’t believe that Americans can turn a troubled youths misfortune and disrespect into fame and fortune for her.  Wait, yes I can.  Of course I can believe it.  I already admitted watching some of the things online with the girl doing her thing.  And rumor has it there may be a reality show.

It is a catchy phrase and it’s fun to say to your friends when you want to appear alley way tough and street smart and get a couple of laughs.  But at the end of the day, this girl is still a mess and now I am left to wonder did her parents, or whoever is responsible for her, give permission for her to appear in the video and be exploited for her misbehavior on a national talk show?  If they did, then I really have no hope for so many parents out there.  My daughter said to me “oh come on mom, you would let me do it if you could make millions”.

Would I?  I honestly can say that I would not.   Not if she was troubled and a total mess of a child as this girl appears to be.  I have a feeling that appearing on Dr. Phil could turn out to be the worst thing for this child.  Yes she might be making money and tasting fame at this moment, but is she learning how to better herself and be a better girl or is all of this frenzy going to teach her that bad behavior is all too often the way to fame in America?

And if you don’t like my rant, cash me outside, how bout dat!

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