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Dog strollers .... awwww... how utterly ridiculous!

I am about to perhaps piss some people off with what I am about to say. WHY THE BLEEP IS YOUR DOG IN A STROLLER? I’m sorry.  It’s bad enough I have to get barked at when I am strolling through the parking lot of my favorite Jewel.  Or distracted by your three dogs in... Read more »

Taxi Troller

A Beautiful country day.  Leaves falling all around, sun shining, driving my minivan (I like to call it red racer) with the windows down, my dirty blondish hair whipping me in the face (ouch)….  DING DING DING DING DING… mayday mayday.. My car is trying to tell me something.  Smoke is pouring out of the... Read more »

Pricks and Bastards

“Mom I don’t really know what this word means, but I think L** is a prick”. My mouth hung open, I couldn’t breathe from the laughter inside.  Why on earth was my child using this word to describe someone I had been dating on and off for two years? Well, I knew why, but I... Read more »