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Time is what you make it..for Donna Moncivaiz

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A fellow Chicagonow blogger passed away a week ago.  We were asked to share one of her posts on our blogs.  I am happy to do this.  I didn’t know Donna Moncivaiz, who wrote the blog “Your Tan May Be Killing You” but this says it all.  RIP.   Time is precious.  If I could only... Read more »

Men and middle fingers on the road. STOP!

Okay men. What is the problem?  I seem to be getting the bird an awful lot these days.  Yes, I drive like shit.  Maybe some days it’s too fast.  Some days it’s too slow.  I can’t win.  I don’t want to be driving.  I know you are frustrated with my skills.  You see my van,... Read more »