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Quit controlling my condiments!

There seems to be a horrific injustice going on all around us. I went to a fake mexican fast food place yesterday (okay we all know it’s taco bell) ordered me up some TACOS…. 3 to be exact (one for each of us) and asked for mild sauce. I opened my bag and lo and... Read more »

I don't heart Cupid!

Okay Cupid.  You are a little asshole this year.  It’s bad enough that you show your cute little cherub face all full of love once a year, stressing everyone out, singles as well as coupled.  But this year you are doing it all on a SATURDAY!  Are you kidding me?   You know what you... Read more »

The Grammys through a young eye

So I watched the Grammys last night.  With my tweens.  And watching the show sitting between the two of them goes something like this:   (their comments are in quotations) ACDC comes out.  I am clapping and smiling and dancing enjoying everything about this rock and roll nostalgia.    “Why are they moving so slow?”    “And... Read more »