Barbara Walter's Fascination

I am so disappointed in Barbara Walters.

And I KNOW I am not alone.

THE MOST FASCINATING PERSON OF THE YEAR…… really????   Really?   I may not understand the word fascinating.  That has to be it.

I sat last night wating excitedly for the #1 spot to be revealed in the annual Barbara Walters special.  (Yeah, I did…. because I am not that fascinating).   Yes, Taylor Swift and Michael Strahan made the top 5.  I couldn’t agree more, only because I have huge crushes on both of them.

But then I hear the words, Amal Alamuddin……. most fascinating person of 2014.  And I am instantly annoyed.   So I sit and wait for her interview with Barbara….   only… what?  No interview?  Huh?   The most fascinating person of the year doesnt even get an interview?  Is it because she knows how ridiculous this is?  Just because she snagged a man who swore he would never marry again.   By the way, those words have been spoken by many men.  Before they met the woman who made them eat those words.  They are just words.  Nobody can say for certain they will never marry.  Because the heart is a tricky little trickster and sometimes makes you look like a complete idiot for even saying those words in the first place.  Okay, enough of that.

So as I sit and watch, and ponder the choice of the most fascinating, I talk to myself about how absurd this all is.  And I think of all the fascinating people I know.  And all the fascinating people I don’t know.   I had to google the definition of fascinating to make sure I understood what it meant.  And this is what I read:

  1. Possessing the power to charm or allure; captivating

Oh.  Okay.  I guess this woman does possess this power.  She definitely charmed the pants off of Clooney.  So technically she is fascinating.  And she is the most fascinating person to someone.  If not all of us.

But still.   I sit annoyed.  And then I let it go.  Because it’s just a dumb show made to entertain me.  And there cannot be only ONE MOST FASCINATING PERSON of 2014.  I know this to be true because I sit and watch my 11 and 12 year old blow bubbles in the living room and laugh at how big or small each one can make them.  The fact that they find this amusing fascinates me.

But congratulations to Amal.   She is beautiful, she will be rich and hopefully she will continue to fascinate George long after Barbara’s fascination with her is over.  Unless she does something next year, like makes a George Jr.  Because that’s never been done before………  fascinating.

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