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Well…. I guess it’s here.  The end of summer.  Oh sure, it feels like a sauna and my hair has been frizzy for two weeks now NONSTOP, my shoes could definitely use some odor eaters, my coworker has beads of sweat coming down his forehead at a pretty constant pace… but yep… according to the calendar it’s just about Labor Day and that means the end of our summer fun.   It’s been a beautiful summer as far as a midwest summer is concerned.  I wanted to share some things on my summer fun list with you…. to make you … hmmmmm.. maybe envious?  Maybe realize that your summer was probably much much better than mine… and to make you see that maybe fall isn’t such a bad thing to be looking forward to.  So basically what I want to share with you is HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION…..

1)  A road trip in a mini van  that eventually lost it’s front end 600 miles away from home…. but don’t worry… it was nothing a little duck tape couldn’t fix

2)  Same 13 hour road trip, 7 people, 5 electronic devices all vying for attention at the same time… one pair of headphones…  oh and a bunch of spilled milk that of which the scent still lingers on these lovely hot steamy days  of late

3)  Lice

4)  Lice … again.  A total of two months spent on trying to rid children of these little creatures

5)  Being a foot model….   wearing footwear jewelery…doing photoshoots…walking around on the hot pavement barefoot and in restaurants to prove that barefoot is cool and not painful at all…   (and I got  paid in  cash and free lunches but I had to draw the line at being paid with a check stuck between my toes)

6)  Watching the neighbor man that I have a crush on take other girls on his motorcycle…. purposely driving past my house..    I’m sure of it!

7)  Trying to teach myself the guitar, and getting nothing out of it but sliced fingertips and a forever regretted sent audio message of me playing and singing Teenage Dream

8)  Wow, what a boring summer, what else did I do?

9) Gaining five pounds from all of the Culvers $1 menu specials

10) Got drunk with the school gym teacher

11)  No like really, what did I do?  How long was summer?

12) Lice.   Oh wait, I already said that.

13) I think I got a yeast infection.  From the campsite I went to.

14) I got flipped off in Pennsylvania by an old shirtless dude who honked at me and then drove past me at lighting speed as he gave me his finger… did I mention he looked like something out of deliverance?

15) I flipped off a 13 year old boy….   I swear it is very very JUSTIFIED!!!  I am a huge advocate for treating kids nicely and calmly (when they’re not mine of course) but sometimes someone is just an A@@hole and you can’t keep it in anymore.

16)  Spent way too much money at the fair just to have a monkey touch my kid

17) Went to the beach only to have the gate guard question my honesty (yes I was trying to get my 15 years old niece  in at the 12 year old price… because personally I think different prices for the same activity is ludicrous…   I won’t enjoy it anymore than a 5 year old)..  but seriously who calls someone out on that?

18)  My summer kinda sucked.

Hope yours was much better.  Can’t wait for fall… I’m going to THE DELLS!!!   Oh yeah, Great America too (I know, it’s pathetic).



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  • This article inspired me to expect summer even more. The author to the point described all the main expectations. Especially cycling. I am going to check it out for new models in order to get a cool gift, and, most importantly, a favorable one, just in time for the season. I plan to drive 3 thousand miles by bike and it will be a huge challenge for myself

  • In reply to Hostuder:

    3,000 miles? wow. you go!! I am inspired . But not enough to trade in the electric bike rentals I have reserved for my family on our Colorado adventure happening in exactly one month. The official start of my summer.. I am sure it will surpass this one I had five years ago! :) happy summer dreaming!

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