You can't turn back the clock so are you sure you don't want to wait to be having babies baby?

Everyone around us is having babies!  I seriously don’t get the rush of all these young young people to be having puppies.  Do you people not realize we live a really really really long time and can have babies well up into our forties?  Am I the only parent instilling this into my children?  The only parent telling them “be selfish in your 20’s.. live for yourself.. figure out who you are.. it’s tough being a parent.. its expensive… enjoy your youth!”

I was having a conversation with my lovely amazing beautiful daughter who is one week away from being the ripe old age of 23.  She is in a relationship.  A serious one.  Serious enough to buy a house and cohabitate together.  That’s fine.  Now people around her… AKA.. my MOTHER… keeps asking about marriage and babies.  My daughter gets so irritated with this.  She doesn’t want babies.  She IS a baby.  Well… sort of.

Example #1:   She had a cat.  Said cat now lives with me after she moved out.  She pretty much just left the poor thing here after coming to get her last box of her dvd collection.  “What about Tipper?” I asked her.   “Well I have been breathing so much better now that I don’t live with her.  I don’t really want her”.  Well.. I NEVER EVER EVER wanted her and now I have a cat.

Example #2:  I was at her place last week, looked in the corner and there was a huge, ugly, pretty much dead plant dying there.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how it looked when it arrived at her place 5 months ago.

Example #3:  She was dog sitting.  By the end of her 2 days of doing this, doggy was confined to the laundry room and there was a hit out on him.

Example #4:  She has a massive VS bra collection.  I am talking MASSIVE.  There would be no funds for this if there was a baby on her bosom.

Example #5:  She is going on “spring break” next week.. and she is trying to figure out how to smuggle alcohol into the condo she will be sharing with her mormom father’s family.   Because this is her biggest worry about her trip.

Example #6:  She freaked when she found out your nipple can get to the size of a cheeto when you breastfeed

I know there are probably a hundred more examples of why she doesn’t even need to be thinking about babies right now.  And the fact that she thinks of it as gross to be having a living creature inside of her, tells me she is so far from this process.

Her friends and cousins are having babies.  Such young people having people.  I was 25 when I had my first.  And I was one of the first girls in my circle to have a baby.  I felt so young back then to be doing that.   I did it again at 36.  And 38.  I can honestly say I was so much more ready MENTALLY for motherhood later.  Although some might argue that I’m probably still not ready….  because I am trying so hard to find  a different home for this cat, I’m always looking for the perfect flask, I envy my daughters bra collection, I have one living plant in my home, and I wasn’t the one to buy it and I would NEVER EVER volunteer to doggy sit…

Parenthood is hard.  It doesn’t fix problems inside of you, or in your relationship.  I love that they now give the 8th graders in my school district a crying babydoll that they have to take care of for two weeks.  Maybe they will see that having babies is work.  And it doesn’t allow you to be selfish again for a really really really long time…  (although I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything in the world and they are my joy…  I’m keeping it real when I say the later the better!)

One more thing, when you are a parent, changing the clocks back and forth causes havoc on your life for at least a week.  Thanks alot government!




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