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New Years resolutions.. do it for YOU!

It’s that time again…  the time when we all get a DO OVER… another chance to get it right.  To make resolutions, which always include things we could do to”better” ourselves. I have no idea when this tradition started, but I get the WHY. Let’s face it.  We are all human.  No matter how great... Read more »

Blogapalooza... what have I learned today?

drinks with gold sound like a great idea but probably aren't!
What I have learned since waking up this morning  are several things.   It’s amazing what you can learn by laying in bed wishing for deaths door to open up to you to take away the pain….

The perfect letter to Santa does exist

I know alot of us can’t believe Christmas is actually in 14 days!   Two weeks.  14 more opportunities to buy everything we need to so that our loved ones are happy. I heard about a mom who bought her 3 year old daughter a flat screen tv and an IPAD. This makes me sad.... Read more »

He sees you when you are using the scanner inappropriately for Christmas!!!

So we all have our Christmas traditions.  Things we do every year to get us in the holiday spirit. Mine are burning gingerbread men with one leg and crooked smiles  and swearing at the strings of lights that have become a mixed up mess in the past 12 months. My wonderful multi-talented brilliant daughter has... Read more »

Her Vagina knits?? Didn't hasbro make that toy first?

Well I might be a little late to chime in on the knitting vagina.. but I can’t resist. Talk about Knit Magic!  Do any of you 70’s babies remember this?  That’s all I could think of when I thought of her pulling the yarn out of her woman cave.  Except when I used my knit... Read more »