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Booty call, Lady Antebellum call, Romeo throwing pebbles or the FED EX man....

BOOTY CALL.. BOOTY CALL… I THINK I HEAR A BOOTY CALL! Or was it the fed ex man? My girlfriend was telling me about her Saturday night in with her kids. She had taken a muscle relaxer and gone to bed at 10 leaving the kids up to stay up all night and party like... Read more »

Buying a mattress can be a little AWKWARD

Buying a mattress is a major event in one’s life.  Wouldn’t you agree? I just went mattress shopping with a friend of mine.   It was an innocent Sunday afternoon.   We started our hunt selecting the low priced options first. Sitting.  Laying.  Jumping.  Sitting.  Comparing notes.  “Oh come try this one, it’s perfect”.  ... Read more »